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Sennheiser MobileConnect

MobileConnect is an innovative, smartphone-based audio accessibility solution that seamlessly connects you and your audience. This software is installed in many of NTNU’s classrooms and lecture theatres. The software is connected to the microphones in the room and the university’s wifi network allowing students to listen to the person talking through their own headphones via their mobile phones or devices.

As an educator all you need to do it remember to use the microphone in the room while teaching. If you do this the students that benefit from MobileConnect will be able to connect themselves to the app and continue to follow the teaching.

Norsk versjon: Sennheiser MobileConnect

How does it work?

This short video explains how this technology works.


Download the Sennheiser MobileConnect app in your phone or device’s app store to get started. The app takes you through how to connect to the sound in each room.

NB: You need to turn off VPN (Cisco) before the app wil work. We are working to correct this problem. 

Help and support

If Sennheiser MobileConnect doesn’t work in a classroom contact NTNU Orakel support services who provide on-campus classroom support. There should be a label with a phone number for the specific campus on the desk.  

For users of MobileConnect the Sennheiser website has some help resources and documentation. The MobileConnect app also had toubleshooting resources for users.