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  1. Student work spaces
  2. Opening hours
  3. Lockers for books
  4. Resting rooms 

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Student work spaces

NOTE: No permanent spaces are allocated and the work space should be emtied every day. 

Study programme Building Level Room number Number of seats
Bachelor students1902 building1320.01.04025
Bachelor studentsKnowledge centre1422.01.02221
Bachelor studentsKnowledge centre1422.01.03210
Bachelor studentsKnowledge centre2422.02.00336
Bachelor studentsKnowledge centre2422.02.0188
Bachelor studentsLaboratory centre1231.01.01818
Bachelor studentsØya helsehus2152.02.02869
Master studentsMTFS12.10870
Master studentsKnowledge centre1422.01.03021
Master studentsKnowledge centre2422.02.01221
Master students1902 building3320.03.05824
Master studentsMobility centre6311.06.05115
Master studentsKnowledge centre2422.02.01321
Master studentsWomen's and Children's centre1242.01.05214
Master studentsLaboratory centre4233.04.00333
Master studentsLaboratory centre1231.01.01418
Master studentsMTFS west 34.32510
Master studentsNeuro centre3134.03.0247
Master studentsNeuro centre3134.03.0278
Master studentsLaboratory centre1231.01.01218
Master studentsNeuro centre3134.03.02834
Master studentsWomen's and Children's centre1242.01.04120
Master studentsWomen's and Children's centre1242.01.05420
Master studentsNeuro centre3134.03.0228
Master studentsNeuro centre3134.03.0297
Master students1902 building2320.02.03835
Master studentsLaboratory centre1231.01.02025
Master studentsLaboratory centre1231.01.01018
Master studentsLaboratory centre1231.01.01618
Master studentsNeuro centre3134.03.02626
Master studentsNeuro centre3134.03.0257

Group rooms can be booked through NTNU's room reservation system

Opening hours

The buildings at Campus Øya has the following opening hours:

  • The Medicine and Health Library, the Knowledge Centre
  • ER and Heart and Lung centre: 06:30-21:00
  • Mobility centre: 06:30-21:00
  • Supply centre: 06:30-17:00 (side entrance)
  • Gastro centre: kl. 06:30-21:00
  • Knowledge centre: 06:30-21:00
  • Women's and Children's centre: 06:00-21:00
  • Laboratory centre: 07:10-16:00
  • Neuro centre: 06:30-20:00
  • Øya Helsehus: 07:30-16:30
  • 1902 building: 07:30-16:00
  • MTFS: 07:30-16:30

If you have an access card to St. Olavs hospital/The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences you have access to the buildnings after opening hours. 

Lockers for books 

Book lockers at Campus Øya are for free use for all students at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. You can use a locker free of charge for up to one academic year. The locks are cut and the lockers are emptied every summer before the new semester. Students must empty their locker at the end of the spring semester. 

The lockers are located connection with reading rooms and student areas in all buildings on campus.

Resting rooms

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences has three sleeping / resting rooms at the integrated university hospital. These are available for use by students who for various reasons need to rest during the day on campus.

The rooms are reserved by the individual student via TP

During daytime, the room can be reserved for maximum three hours. If you need a room for sleeping at night in connection with practice at St. Olav's hospital, the room can be booked for the whole night.

There is a bathroom and toilet next to each room. 

The rooms at Kvinne-Barn Senteret has the following room number:



The room at Bevegelsessenteret have the following room number: