Prerequisites for starting your MA thesis - graduate engineer programmes

Norsk versjon - Forutsetning for masteroppgave - sivilingeniør

The following requirements must be met before you are allowed to start working on your master’s thesis:

  • You need to have completed all ordinary courses. You can apply to the faculty for an exemption if you have not completed all courses. The application must be submitted to the faculty and be recommended by your supervisor
  • You need to have completed at least 12 weeks of compulsory work experience; the compulsory work experience must also have been approved by the faculty. For students attending the two-year master’s degree programme, the compulsory work experience period is 6 weeks. (Everything you need to know about trainee work). Note: Compulsory work experience requirements do not apply to students in international Master’s programmes
  • You need to have completed all obligatory field work

If you have not completed all ordinary courses

If you want to apply for an exemption, the application must be recommended by your supervisor. By recommending and signing the application your supervisor confirms that the remaining subject(s) will not affect your ability to finish your master’s thesis. Be aware that:

  • You will not be given exemption for a missing specialisation project
  • You cannot have more than two remaining ordinary courses
  • The remaining ordinary courses cannot be essential components in the master’s thesis

Students at the Faculty of Engineering (IV): application form to start writing your master’s thesis with remaining courses (in Norwegian)

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