You can find your payslip in the Self-service portal.

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How to find your payslip

How to find and download your payslip (DFØ).

Payslip for those who have left NTNU

If you no longer have employment at NTNU and thus do not have access to the Self Service Portal, you must log in to Altinn to see your payslip. It is not sent out on paper.

Payslip for contractors

Foreign contractors without a Norwegian address or national identity number will have this automatically sent by DFØ by post.

If you do have Norwegian address or national identity, you will find the payslip in the Betalmeg Self-service portal or Altinn.

Payslips from 2022 and earlier

If you forgot to download payslips from 2022 before the HR portal closed on 31.12.22, you can find the information by logging in via ID-porten on

  1. Go to My Tax, scroll down to My Income and Employment.
  2. Here you will find an overview of income and employment so far this year (2023), and previous years.
  3. Scroll sideways to income information for previous years.
  4. Select your employer and you will find information for previous years for the relevant employer.
  5. Then select the desired month and you will find the information for the current month.


If you have questions about your payslip, contact the Service center.

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