Management at NTNU

Overview of NTNU management. Norsk versjon: Ledere ved NTNU 

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Rector and rector's management team

Vice rectors in Gjøvik and Ålesund

Faculties and departments



DekanMarianne Skjulhaug
Vice Dean for Education and Sustainability: Tommy Kleiven
Vice Dean for Research: Eli Støa
Vice Dean for Innovation and dissemination: Ole Andreas Alsos
Head of HR and Economy Section: Marianne Lyngdal Dyresen
Head of Research and Education Section: Gunnhild Sekkenes Hatlen

Faculty of Humanities

Dean: Anne Kristine Børresen
Vice Dean for Research: Terje Lohndal
Vice Dean for Education: Kjersti Faldet Listhaug
Head of Administration: John Kamsvåg
Head of Research Section: Hanne Siri Sund
Head of Education Section: Anne Marit Skancke
Head of Finance Section: Ståle Rønning
Head of HR and Service Section: Linda Gustad Skeie

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Dean: Ingrid Schjølberg
Vice Dean for Education: Roger Midtstraum.
Vice Dean for Research and Research Education: Ingelin Steinsland
Vice Dean for Sustainability and Innovation: Ole-Morten Midtgård
Head of Administration: Bernt Asle Arntsen
Head of Research Section: Jon Kummen
Head of Education Section: Vegard Rønning
Head of HR Section: Cathrine Haugan Grønvik
National Centre for Science Recruitment: Guro Rørvik

Faculty of Engineering (IV)

Dean: Olav Bolland
Vice Dean for Resarch: Sveinung Løset
Vice Dean for Education - master's level: Leif Rune Hellevik
Vice Dean for Education - bachelor's level: Astrid Stadheim
Vice Dean for Innovation: Alenka Temeljotov-Salaj
Head of Administration: Anne Rossvoll
Head of Research Section: Thea Sofie Melhuss Hojem
Head of Education Section: Anders Buhaug
Head of Finance Section: Stig Erik Holiløkk
Head of HR Secion: Eva Terese Voldhagen

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dean: Siri Forsmo
Vice Dean for Reseach: Torstein Baade Rø
Vice Deans for Education: Jon Magnussen and Toril Forbord
Vice Dean for PhD education and Innovation: Brita Solveig Pukstad
Head of Administration: Tor Christian Sletner
Head of Research Section: Solrun Johanne Valen
Head of Education Section: Hanne Almås
Head of Finance Section: Torill Foss Lundgren (temp)
Head of HR Section: Grete Elverum

Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV)

Dean: Øyvind Weiby Gregersen
Vice Dean for Research: Magnus Rønning
Vice Dean for Education: Karina Mathisen
Vice Dean for Innovation: Catherine Taylor Nordgård
Head of Administration: Elin Cecilie Balstad
Head of Financial Section: Øyvind Toldnes
Head of HR/HSE Section: Trude Ringseth
Head of Research and Innovation Section: Marianne Bjordal Havnes
Head of Student and Academic Section: Eirik S. Haugnes

Faculty of Social and Educational Studies (SU)

Acting Dean: Tine Arntzen Hestbek
Vice Dean for Research: Jesper Aagaard Petersen
Vice Dean for Education: Ingunn Dahler Hybertsen
Head of Administration: Liv Alfhild Unhjem
Head of Research Section: Erik Ingebrigtsen
Head of Education Section: Linda Fredriksen
Head of Financial Section: Hans Martin Øverkil
Head of HR Section: Merete Thorsvik

Faculty of Economics and Management (ØK)

Dean: Monica Rolfsen
Vice Dean for Research: Jon Olaf Olaussen
Vice Dean for Education: Ann-Charlott Pedersen
Vice Dean for Sustainability: Ottar Michelsen
Section for Governance and Management: Rannveig Helene Pedersen
Section for Education and Research: Gunnar Bendheim

NTNU University Museum (VM)

Director: Hans K. Stenøien
Head of Research and Collections: Solveig Bakken
Head of Administration: Ivar Margido Jensås

Main Administration

Education Quality Division
Head: Audun Grøm

Student and Academic Division
Head: Annikken Løe

Student Services Division
Head: Jenny Bremer

HR and HSE Division
Head: Arne Kr. Hestnes

Campus Development
Head: Hanna Maria Jones

Communication Division
Head (constituted): Ida Munkeby

Records Management Division
Head: Lisbeth Viken 

IT Division
Head: Håkon Alstad

Division for Governance and Management Systems
Head: Knut Aspås

Division for Research, Innovation and External Relationships
Head: Ruth Hagen Rødde (temp)

Financial Division
Head: Ingrid Volden

Property Division
Head: Frank Arntsen

Rector's staff

University Library

Chief Librarian: Sigurd Eriksson
University Library webpage

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