Kahoot is an online student response system where you can create, play and share digital quizzes. It was developed by NTNU's Professor of Game Technology Alf Inge Wang and has now reached one billion players around the world!

Norsk versjon: Kahoot

How can I use Kahoot?

Originally it was a quiz-based student response system, but in recent years it has developed more and more features. There are many ways to use it to stimulate interaction in class, check student’s understanding of topics or even brainstorm as a class!

Kahoot has a lot of resources about how to use Kahoot in education. In addition to many resources and examples they run webinars about how to use Kahoot in higher education. Have a look on their website to find a webinar or resource that interests you.

How NTNUers do it

Many NTNUers already use Kahoot – it was created at NTNU! We are gathering examples of how it is used and this section will be updated soon. If you have a good example to share with the Section for Teaching and Learning Support please get in touch.

Access and login

Important! Read this first:
You can start using Kahoot with an NTNU account in two ways: (read this article for further information about migrating accounts)

  1. connect to your existing account
    • If your current account is registered with a different e-mail than your ntnu e-mail, e.g.: a personal e-mail, you must first go to your profile settings and change the e-mail address to your -address.
    • Then log in using the link below and your old account will be migrated.
  2. create a new account
    • Log in with your ntnu email by clicking on the link below

>>Log in to Kahoot

Help and support

The Section for Teaching and Learning Support (SLS) manages Kahoot at NTNU and provides pedagogical and technical support for learning tools. Contact the Section for Teaching and Learning Support via NTNU Hjelp.

NTNU doesn't provide user support for Kahoot, but they have their own help pages online.

License information

License Duration: Current agreement period 1 January 2023 - 31 December 2026

Site license: Yes. EDU Standard Higher ed-licence. Access for all staff. Number of players possible at the same time: 800

Used primarily by teachers at NTNU.

Note that the program can only be used for academic work and not for commercial work.

Data Processing Agreement

Kahoot is a collaboration service that requires a data processing agreement.

Status: Signed.