Friday Talk at Faculty of Engineering

Friday Talks: Science, Innovation and Education at the Faculty of Engineering

Learn about important and relevant topics in research, innovation, and education, presented by colleagues at the faculty.

This spring the Talks will be categorized in Research, Innovation and Education.
See the program for the spring 2024 below. This will be updated continuously.


For employees and students at the Faculty of Engineering, and for others who find the topic interesting.


The purpose of this webinar series is to stimulate academic and free discussions on important topics in research, innovation and education, and also to provide a team- and culture-building arena at the IV Faculty.

When: Fridays 08.30-09.00 (except holidays, summer vacation, cramped days).
Where: Teams

We encourage all the departments at the faculty to report contributions (topic, speaker and time) through their representative in the IV Research Committee.

The format

  • 20 minutes talk, 10 minutes for questions/discussions
  • Presentations in English, no recording, no distribution of presentations

The contributions

  • Low threshold and the possibility to reuse presentations
  • Relevant and interesting research, education, projects and innovations
  • Talks on challenges and future research (e.g. sustainability, digitalization, innovation and interdisciplinarity)

Friday Talk Committee

Announcement/Execution plan

Dates and topics spring 2024

Mark - this table will be continuously updated.

9th FebruaryEducationProject-Based Learning and the Implications of AI ToolsChrister Westum ElverumLeif Rune Hellevik
16th FebruaryInnovationFaculty of Engineering's Innovation Strategy 2024 to 2025: Insights from 2023 and Future Trajectories!Alenka Temeljotov SalajMara Diaconu
1st MarchResearchThe X-Rotor - an alternative offshore wind turbine concept?Michael MuskulusSveinung Løset
8th MarchEducationInnovative teaching methods for laboratories to enable effective and deep student learningNatasa NordLeif Rune Hellevik
15th MarchInnovationUniversities embracing innovation: playing theater or having impactSøren Salomo, Professor for Technology and Innovation Management at TU BerlinAlenka Temeljotov Salaj
5th AprilResearchIcevoltaics – from the Workman-Reynolds freezing potential to electrical energy.
The presentation gives the background for the speakers ERC-Con grant.
Senbo XiaoBjørn Helge Skallerud
12th AprilEducationCancelled
19th AprilInnovationFrom R&D to product in the global market; the value of IP for export and value creationKathrine Myhre, Director General of Patentstyret – Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) Mara-Gabriela Diaconu
26st AprilResearchNuclear Propulsion for Merchant Shipping – How SMRs will Change the Maritime WorldJan EmblemsvågSveinung Løset
3th MayEducationStudent-active learning in TKT4140 Numerical MethodsDavid MorinLeif Rune Hellevik
10th MayInnovationInnovation in academia and industry: the value of developing competency in innovationHaakon Skar - CEO ThamsklyngenMara Diaconu /Alenka Temeljotov Salaj
17th May-National Day
24th MayResearchFrom Hazards to Resilience: A Norwegian Hub for Natech ResearchDimitrios TzioutziosEva H. Murvold
31st MayEducationWhat should universities learn, unlearn and relearn from digital-teaching during Covid?Bassam HusseinLeif Rune Hellevik
7th JuneResearchHow Solar Photovoltaic Technology Advancement Can Accelerate Global Energy Transition?Mohammadreza Aghaei
14th JuneInnovationTransformative Academia: universities as change agents in transitions Prof. Anna Wieczorek, TU Eindhoven/ TU/e Sustainability Ambassador Mara Diaconu

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