Friday Talk at Faculty of Engineering

For employees and students at the Faculty of Engineering.

We would like to welcome employees and students at the faculty to weekly webinars!

The purpose of this webinar series is to stimulate academic and free discussions on important topics in research, innovation and education, and also to provide a team- and culture-building arena at the IV Faculty.

When: Fridays 08.30-09.00 (except holidays, summer vacation, cramped days).
Where: Teams

We encourage all the departments at the faculty to report contributions (topic, speaker and time) through their representative in the IV Research Committee.

Dates and topics spring 2022

NB! This table is continuously updated throughout the spring

10/6On the search of truly Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) – water-based lubricantsNuria Espallargas
3/6Predicting and producing zero-defect aluminium components – also based on post-consumer scrap materialGeir Ringen
27/5 - no talk, cramped day -
20/5AI and DLT as enablers of Digital Green Transition Umit Cali
13/5Drivetrain on floating offshore wind turbines: What we have learned so far?Prof. Amir R. Nejad
6/5Climate-resilient InfrastructureAss. Prof. Ivan Depina
29/4European initiatives for the Construction Sector:
ECTP and Built4People Partnership and NTNU positioning
Rolf Andre Bohne
22/4Green 2050 - Data Analytics for Ground Motion Monitoring (DARIO)Researcher John Dehls
15/4- Easter holiday -
8/4Durability of cementitious materialsAdj. Prof. Barbara Lothenbach
1/4Flexible structures exposed to extreme transient loadsAss. Prof. Vegard Aune
25/3Larger buildings in woodProf. Kjell Arne Malo
18/3Smarter underwater vehicles for mapping, inspection and intervention – Research from the Applied Underwater Robotics groupProf. Martin Ludvigsen
11/3Marine electrification and sustainable ship propulsionAss. Prof Mehdi Zadeh
4/3Life cycle assessment and biodiversity impactsProf. Francesca Verones
25/2 - Winter holiday -
18/2Long-term performance of polymers and composites: a hidden obstacleProf. Sotirios Grammatikos
11/2Digital twin for sustainability: the role of building information modellingAss. prof. Lizhen Huang
4/2Deep AutoEncoders for Leakage Detection in Water Distribution Networks.PhD Michel Tornyeviadzi
28/1Autonomous ships, where are we today, and what should we aim for?Prof. Øivind Kåre Kjerstad

The format is as following

  • 20 minutes talk, 10 minutes for questions/discussions
  • Presentations in English, no recording, no distribution of presentations
  • The speaker is introduced by a member of the Scientific Committee.

The contributions

  • Low threshold and the possibility to reuse presentations
  • Relevant and interesting research, projects and innovations
  • Talks on challenges and future research (e.g. sustainability, digitalization, innovation and interdisciplinarity)

Scientific Committee

Dates and topics autumn 2021

10 DecIncorporating approximate dynamics into data-driven calibrator: a representative model for ship maneuvering predictionPhD Tongtong Wang
3 DecTopological Optimized Electrochemical Energy ConvertersPostdoc. Marco Sauermoser
26 NovMachine learning in robotic productionAss.Prof. Lars Tingelstad
19 Nov.Petroleum Cybernetics: Petroleum and beyondProf. Alexey Pavlov
12 novWhat is the impact of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) for education, research and industry?Prof. Eilif Hjelseth
29 Okt.Why are there Mountains in Norway, and why should we care? Prof. Per Terje Osmundsen
22 Okt.Processing of marine (deep-sea) minerals (polymetallic nodules, crusts and massive sulphides): opportunities and challengesProf. Przemyslaw B. Kowalczuk
15 Okt.Revisiting the investigation of the Alexander Kielland Accident - Lessons learned that should be kept in mind about the safety of structuresProf. Emer. Torgeir Moan
8 Okt.Floating solar power islandProf. Trygve Kristiansen
1 Okt.Sustaining the Arctic future through AIAss.Prof. Ekaterina Kim
24 Sept.Dynamic responses of floating wind turbinesProf. Erin Bachynski-Polić
17 sept.Structural safety; how safe is safe enough?Prof. Jochen Köhler
10 Sept.Parametric modelling of digital workflowProf. Anders Rønnquist
3 Sept.Smart phobocityProf. Jianying He

Dates and topics spring 2021

DateTopic (preliminary)Speaker
30 AprilNumerical simulation of heart valve pathologies – a tool for patient specific surgical planning Bjørn Helge Skallerud
7 MayThe Digitalisation of the Ocean and its Growing Fields of Applications Asgeir Sørensen
21 MayQuick Clays and Quick Clay SlidesSteinar Nordal
4 JuneExtreme mechanicsTore Børvik
11 JuneSuperlubricity: super low frictionAstrid de Wijn

Announcement/Execution plan

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