Finding a conference venue

There's a lot to consider when choosing a venue for a conference. This article presents some useful tips about places to consider and people to contact. Norsk versjon - Finn lokale til konferanse

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Things to consider

  • Who manages the venue?
  • Is the venue accessible to all, including the handicapped?
  • How many guests do you expect?
  • Conference venues with meeting rooms
  • Do you only need food service?
  • Guided tours
  • Catering agreements
  • Parking options
  • Is the venue convenient for the press?
  • Audio induction loop or IR systems
  • Areas for mingling

If you wish to use an NTNU venue, you need to contact the Campus Services Division early the planning process. For security and opening/closing doors, log in to NTNU Hjelp and send web form.

Reserving an NTNU venue

Auditoriums and other rooms at NTNU can be reserved via the room reservation system. If you have questions, log in to NTNU Hjelp . You can also read more about the topic on the website about NTNU room rentals .

Venue suggestions

The Lerchendal Gård building

Email Ingrid Venås with details about the event you are arranging. The availablity of this venue is somewhat limited, the rector decides if there is any doubt.

Order catering and food. Briefly describe the event and scope (e.g. lunch, 30 guests, downstairs dining room/dinner, 50 guests, upstairs dining hall), ask for a menu suggestion unless you have any specific requests. The tables in the downstairs dining room take two guests on the long side, while the tables in the upstairs dining hall take three.

Alcohol licence: The caterer applies for the licence, and needs to be notified in good time before the event. Once decided on a menu, ask for suitable wines to go with the dinner and the dessert.

Flowers/decor: Order flowers

Custodial Services:
Contact Campus Services Division via e-vaktmester a few weeks before the event.

Practical arrangements:
Access to the venue, alarms, etc.: Make sure the venue is unlocked when the caterer arrives. After the event: make sure the lights are switched off and that the rooms are clean and tidy; remember to turn the alarm on before you leave. The organiser is responsible for removing any flowers and decorations. Flower pots are stored on top of the cupboard to the right in the smaller room behind the kitchen. If there is a new event early the next morning (check the event list that you received from Hein/the secretary), the venue must be ready before the next organiser arrives.

Rosenborg arena

NTNU has a (recently expired) agreement with the Rosenborg arena

Gløshaugen East

This space is administetred by the Rector. The Rector's secretary Ingeborg Vasli is the contact person for these venue.

The Council Chamber

The Council Chamber in the main administration building is mainly for disposal for doctoral disputations and is administrated by the Student Division and Rector. You can apply for using the Council Chamber - applications should be sent to his secretary Ingeborg Vasli In addition you must book the room through the room reservation system.

Doctors defence room (Totalrommet - “The Total Room”)

The Doctors defence room in the main administration building is at the disposal of the academic administration, but it is reserved for doctor's defenses and can't be booked for other activities more than 3 weeks in advance. The room can be booked through the room reservation system.

Dokkhuset Scene

NTNU has certain number of days when we are allowed to use Dokkhuset( a concert venue) at Solsiden, where there is space for about 200 people. Rental can be ordered through Ida Eilertsen at the Department of Music.


  • Technicians cost 3000 for the first 8 hours, then 500 kr/hour.
  • Event managers (student assistants) cost 160 kr/hour
  • You will also have to pay for the administrative time that it takes to arrange the rental.

For administration and booking outside of NTNU's quota, contact Merete Søbstad, Tel. 915 16 669; email:

The Suhm house

The Suhm house at Kalvskinnet has an auditorium with space for about 80 people. It is rented out for free by the Museum of Natural History and Archaeology. Contact the museum's reception office, either Britt Hammer or Eva Kristin Drageid at Tel. (735) 92145. During the day the guard in the ticket house unlocks the auditorium at Suhm house. The cafe at Suhm house is run by Bakeriet Selskapsmat, Tel. 72 84 59 90.

Britannia Hotel

Britannia is used to holding large events. Contact the booking manager for more information.

Hotels Rica Nidelven and Rica Bakklandet

Contact Britt Marie Hegnes,

Erkebispegården - The Archbishop's Palace

Contact Tove Søreide, consultant for the Nidaros cathedral restoration work, Tel.415 31 570,

Rockheim – Norway's museum of rock and roll

Byscenen - “The city scene”

Byscenen costs 15 000 kr plus the cost of technicians for a night. The venue has space for up to 600 people, but then it is quite full. Byscenen has it's own Facebook page, and can also be reached at Tel. 73 52 52 00 or Trondheim kultur og næring (Trondheim Culture and Industry) is responsible for the venue. The Information Division at NTNU works closely with this company in renting project leaders for different events. Merete Moum can also be contacted by email at, Tel. 99 02 40 48

Theatercafeen - The theater café

The theater café at Trøndelag theater can also be a good alternative. There is space for an audience of about 100 people, and the venue can be rented for culture arrangements – not just for parties! One evening normally costs around 3000 kr, and can be ordered through the chief of sales Bente Dyrseth:, Tel. 73 80 51 00. The theater is very helpful in terms of technical equipment, props, etc. The Information Division has had a number of events at the theater café.

SpareBank 1

The SpareBank 1's new building on Søndre gate has a lovely conference hall with space for about 150 people. We have used it for several lectures during Kunnskapsbyen (the Trondheim City of Knowledge project) in the spring of 2011, and it cost about 4000 kr per evening. The hall can be reserved through the bank's meeting center by contacting Janne Moum:, Tel. 942 26 769.

Samfundet - the Student Union Building

Between semesters:

Campus – use of common areas

It is possible to use common areas on campus for exhibitions or other events by applying to the Campus Services Division via e-vaktmester.

Rental contracts for external venues

If you rent external venues, you must sign a contract with the rental amount and other costs. The contract should also state how and where these costs will be expensed. The contract should be signed by the individual responsible for the event and sent to (for NTNU Administration) or the individual in your department who is responsible for orders and purchasing.

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