Financial support for student volunteering

Here you will find information on how to apply for financial support for student volunteering.

Norwegian version - Økonomisk støtte til studentfrivilligheten

Financial support for student volunteering

About the support scheme

These funds will contribute to the academic and social integration of all students, including students with a disability and international students. Student organizations stand for many of the integration activities. The support scheme has been created to give student organizations at NTNU a chance to plan for activities which are not already within the organization’s set framework.

Criteria for allocating funds upon application

  • The organization is a student organization in connection with NTNU
  • The organization is registered as a non-profit organization with an organization number in the Brønnøysund Register. For associations that are not registered in the Brønnøysund Register, a maximum ceiling is set on the allocation of funds of NOK 10,000.
  • Support is granted for events/activities that contribute to academic-social integration of students. Support is also granted for activities for which no plans have been made in the budget year. It is a requirement that the event is aimed at NTNU students.
  • Short-term support for operating expenses can be granted.
  • All applications must contain an application letter, a budget and an account.


NTNU has over 2000 students with a disability. Among these are students who are visually impaired, hearing-impaired, physically impaired, students with different psychic disorders and students with a number of different functional reductions. NTNU wishes to encourage a consciousness of the importance of universal design and facilitation and will therefore prioritize funding to those who already make their events and activities accessible for all. The application must include a description of how the funding will contribute to include students with disability, og how their needs are already met.

International student organizations

NTNU makes an exception regarding support for operating expenses for international student organizations. To qualify for this, the organization and its activities must be open to all international students at NTNU, and contribute to create interaction between international and Norwegian students.

The application must contain

  • An application letter with a description of the organization, membership, what the funds will be used for and why the funds are needed.
  • Information about the organization
    • Name of organization, organization number, account number, and contact information to the person responsible for the application.
  • Budget and accounting: (Attachment)
    • Budget and result accounting for the applicating organization, with notes.
    • If you have just started up, it’s enough to send the organization’s budget.
  • Budget and accounting for subgroups, event or project: (Attachment)
    • If relevant, a detailed budget for the subgroup/event/project, and accounting.
  • How much funds the organization has available in its accounts. If this is not stated, then you must argue for why it is necessary with funding and why you are not using available funds

For the application round of the spring semester: If you use the calendar year, you should show the accounts for the periods January last year to today. If you use the school year, you should show an account for the periods last August to today. Applications that fail to include this content can be rejected due to formal error.

What will be prioritized when processing applications?



  • Academic, social-academic activities
  • Events/activities which contribute to include students with a disability
  • Events/activities which promotes interaction between international and Norwegian students.


  • Short-term support for operating expenses
  • Events/activities held outside of Trondheim, Gjøvik, Ålesund.

During the processing of the applications, the purpose of the funding is determinant. These funds are not to subsidize events with solid funding, but to give support to be able to plan an event. How much funds the student association has in the account will therefor be taken in consideration when processing the application.

What is not supported through this scheme?

  • Primarily, no support is given for recurring events. This is because this support scheme will mainly support new measures and further development.
  • Alcohol
  • Party-political organizations or religious organizations
  • Activities outside of Norway
  • No funding for equipment for personal use/privately owned

Requirements for granted applications

  • Recipients of funding are obliged to report to NTNU is the funding cannot be used to its purpose for which the funds were given. NTNU will decide whether the funds can be allocated to a different purpose or be returned to NTNU.
  • Grant decisions cannot be appealed.

Financial framework

NTNUs support scheme for «Support for student volunteering» has a budget of NOK 1 450 000,- per year. Of these, NOK 150.000,- are earmarked grants to AktivCampus NTNUI, and NOK 180.000,- to Ledelse i praksis. The remaining amount of NOK 1 120 000,- is divided between the spring and fall semester.

Application deadlines

Application deadlines are once a semester, 1st of March and 1st of September.
Processing time is one month after closing date.

How to apply for funding

Application is marked with Application «Name of organization» Support for student volunteering and sent to, remember attachments.

 Apply for funding


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