Final approval of education abroad

Information regarding final approval of education completed abroad.

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Application for final approval of education abroad

When you return from an exchange stay abroad you have to apply for final approval of the courses you attended at the foreign institution in order to have your courses and grades recognized in your degree from NTNU. This is also required to receive your final grant from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund - if you received funding from there while on exhange. The application is submitted to the faculty your study programme at NTNU is a part of. You will receive a written confirmation once the application is processed.

How to apply

Remember to include all of the following:

  • Your Name
  • Your Adress
  • Country of study
  • Name of the foreign institution
  • Which faculty at NTNU you belong to
  • Which study programme at NTNU the courses should be a part of
  • If the courses are to be electoral, major or master courses in your finished degree.
  • Notarized copy of grade transcipts (scan of both sides)
  • Course descriptions and list of litterature (compulsory for major and masters courses)

Documenting the degree structure and credit system

In some cases the faculty will ask for a description of the degree structure and credit system. This especially applies for applicants who have studied with an institution that has not previously been evaluated by the NTNU. Applicants who have submitted a form for pre approval of the courses before going on the exchange will usually not be asked for this.

Processing time

The processing time will vary depending on how complex your specific case is. If several parties at NTNU have to be involved in order to properly approve your application, it could take up to 2-3 months before the application is processed.

Application form

Choose the faculty your programme at NTNU belongs to:

Get in touch with your faculty in case on of the forms above does not cover your specific needs.