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Do you want to facilitate peer assessment? Feedbackfruits is a digital learning tool designed for higher education. The tool offers several functions and solutions, with peer assessment being one of them. The tool is integrated into Blackboard and is ready to use for anyone who teaches at NTNU.

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How to use Feedbackfruits?

NTNU has a license for Feedbackfruits’ peer assessment solution. You can find the tool in Blackboard ready to use. The tool is flexible and makes it easy for you to customize your task. You decide how many students should be assessed, whether they should work individually or in groups, how they should assess each other, and the criteria the assessment is based on.

After students have submitted their answers, one or more students’ tasks are automatically generated for assessment. Both submission and assessment take place in the tool, and the assessment is transferred directly to the assessment center in Blackboard.

On Feedbackfruits’ website, you will find useful instructional videos on how to use the tool in the best possible way.

Access and login

If you teach at NTNU, you have access to Feedbackfruits via Blackboard. Feedbackfruits is integrated into the LMS, and you can find it under “Build Content”.

How NTNU'ers do it

David Palma, associate professor at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology, uses the peer review tool within FeedbackFruits to enhance student engagement and foster critical thinking. This tool seamlessly integrates with Blackboard, streamlining the entire peer assessment process.

David uses this method in a second semester course for first year Bachelor students. Throughout the semester, students participate in four peer reviews. The exercises not only encourage thoughtful analysis but also empower students to provide constructive feedback on their peers’ work. As a result, participants witness substantial improvement in their understanding and performance.

Picture 1: How the students give feedback in the tool. Feedback can be given as written comments, videos or sound responses.

Picture 2: Students see their progress through the exercise in the tool.

Help and support

Do you have any questions about the tool or need help getting started? Do not hesitate to contact the Section for teaching and Learning Support via NTNU Help.

License information

License duration: Current agreement period 1 January 2024 - 31 December 2026

Licenses: 5000 Primarily used by NTNU instructors.

The program is only cleared for use with open data.

Note that the program can only be used for academic work (teaching and research) - not for income-generating contract research.

Norsk versjon: FeedbackFruits