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Experts in Teamwork - for learning assistants

Here you can find information about the position of learning assistant in Experts in Teamwork.

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På norsk: Eksperter i team - for læringsassistenter.


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What does a learning assistant in EiT do?

Please note: You need to be fluent in Norwegian as much of our seminars are held in Norwegian.

The goal of Experts in Teamwork is that students apply their academic competence and develop teamwork skills in a group together with students from different fields of study.

The learning assistants’ task is to facilitate the student groups, which means to support the development of the students’ teamwork skills. This can be done by observing the student groups and share a (neutral) observation, as well as leading group exercises known from training. Sharing an observation from an outside perspective can contribute to increased consciousness about the interaction in the groups. The learning assistants usually work in pairs.

What is expected of a learning assistant?

The position as learning assistant is a job just like any other job. Therefore, it is expected that learning assistants participate on obligatory training in autumn, that they are present in the village on the village days, and that they participate on meetings in relation with the position.

What is the estimated workload?

New learning assistants in EiT complete 27 hours of training during the autumn and work 93 hours in an EiT village in the spring.
Learning assistants with work experience from EiT complete 23 hours of training and work 97 hours.

For more information, visit the Norwegian site for learning assistants.