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Here you will find an overview of the Department of Energy and Process Engineering's measures for gender equality and diversity.

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EPT Women in Science

EPT Women in Science is an initiative for women scientists working at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering (EPT) at the Faculty of Engineering. The initiative creates opportunities for networking, professional development, and mentoring. Together, we develop a meaningful community for female scientists and a strong, visible support network for women in science, engineering, and technology hosted and supported by EPT.

EPT Women in Science aims to provide networking opportunities, increase the visibility of female scientists within NTNU, and accelerate women's STEM careers in academia and industry. Our activities are designed to create added skills, confidence, and know-how at early academic career stages.

There are 30+ members in the initiative (2024). EPT Women in Science was founded in 2017 by scientific staff.

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Several different activities and initiatives are organized by EPT Women in Science.

Get-Together Lunch

Around once per month, we meet for a Get-Together Lunch, usually involving a guest speaker. The speakers are mostly female professionals from academia or industry, who present their take on today’s challenges for women in science and initiate an informal discussion among the participants.


We organize workshops to learn new skills and techniques beneficial for a successful career, e.g.:

  • Workshop on Mental Fitness: The Key to Self-leadership (2024)
  • Time management & networking workshop (2023)
  • Rhetoric for Public Speeches: how to raise your presentations skills to the next level (2022)
  • Process Communication Model: understanding how stress is appearing, can be recognized, and mitigated (2021)

Mentorship programme

Since 2021, we offer an early career mentorship program: Connecting the new generation of female Ph.D. candidates and postdocs from EPT with experienced mentors. The aim is to pair mentees with a mentor from the next academic career stage. This win-win duo shall supply know-how and support to “level up” and develop leadership skills.

On-demand mentorship

This is a non-recurrent mentorship that happens only upon mentee request and is available for PhD, postdocs and research assistants that need guidance on specific matters. The mentorship can be requested via e-mail directly to the available mentors:

Lectures and events

Lectures and events for all EPT employees to inform, discuss and accelerate the diversification of the department. For example, in September 2022, Mirjam Röder from Aston University gave a lecture on “Quality, diversity, and inclusion in academia”, where she described how she successfully led her university unit to receive a gender equality award (Athena Swan Gold Award).

Join us

Every female scientist at EPT is welcome to join our activities. For the latest activities, subscribe to the e-mail list via the contact person at EPT Admin (search word "Women in Science") and follow the Innsida Channel.

Do you have ideas for a workshop or a guest speaker? Do you want to contribute to the mentor program or the organization committee and get involved in the EPT Women in Science? Get in touch with a member of the organizing committee listed below.

Organizing Committee


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