Digital teaching and privacy - for students

Here you will find information about how NTNU takes care of your privacy as a student in online teaching, especially in regards to recordings of online teaching sessions.

In Norwegian: Digital undervisning og personvern - for studenter

Some of the lectures at NTNU are streamed or recorded. This means that you as a student can revise the material by watching recordings multiple times, or that you can follow the lessons from home if you cannot attend class in person. Other reasons for recording teaching may be to make it available to students on different campuses or for students who are in quarantine.

Streamed teaching

A lecture that is streamed becomes like a regular lecture. The lecture can be viewed in real time, for example in Blackboard, and to gain access to the stream, all viewers must log in with Feide. Here it is voluntary to participate with the use of image and sound, and you can control this yourself.

Recorded teaching

Some teaching sessions are recorded, and these will be made available to you afterwards. The teacher must give you clear information in advance that the teaching will be recorded. If only the lecturer is recorded, your privacy will not be affected, and you won’t be asked for consent.

If you as a student ask questions, you must be prepared for the question to be included in the recording. If you do not want to be recorded, you can ask questions in the chat or when the recording is finished.

Recordings cannot be made of you if you are part of the main focus of the session, for example if you are giving a presentation, without your consent. The teacher must ask for your consent before the recording starts.

The teacher may not use the recording for purposes other than teaching. For all other purposes, the teacher must ask for your consent and explain what the recording will be used for.

You can withdraw your consent at any time and for any reason. Withdraw consent via NTNU Help.

Making your own recordings of teaching

You as a student — for reasons of privacy and copyright — are not allowed to share recordings of lectures or share a download of, for example, the chat from an online teaching session.

According to NTNU's rules and regulations, you need a permission to record a teaching session from the person responsible for the teaching.

This does not apply if you have been given permission by your faculty to record teaching because of special educational needs.  Then you can make recordings, but not use these for any other purpose than your own studying.

Photographing and filming others

You can not post pictures or films of teachers or students, for example on social media, without their consent. See information from Data Protection Autority (Norw. only)

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