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How to change profile photo at Innsida and

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Add or change your profile photo

  1. Log in to Innsida and go to My profile in the top menu.
  2. Click Edit Image at the picture field and upload the image you want to use.

Questions and answers

Q Can I use anything for my profile picture?

We recommend that you choose a neutral portrait image. Although NTNU encourages fit and healthy employees, the job profile is not the place to post family photos, party photos or hobby photos.

Q How big should the image be?

The picture that is presented on external websites is currently 233 * 233 pixels, but for various reasons it is best to bet on a profile picture that is slightly larger — e.g. 400 x 400 pixels — so that it works well on both iPad, mobile and desktop versions of your profile.

For best results, image files that are over 1000 pixels wide should be scaled down in an image editing program before uploading to your profile. While Innsida makes it possible to crop a profile picture without further ado, Innsida is not an image editing program. For best results, optimization and scaling of large images should be done before uploading — especially if you are very concerned about quality.

Q Does the image have to be square?

No, but it is recommended – to ensure the best results in the various views where the image is used.

Q Do I have to have a profile picture?

No. But there are many reasons to have a profile picture, including: your employee profile appears high in Google searches. A complete profile, with a picture, is a good marketing channel for yourself, and it gives NTNU a good reputation.

Q Why is the photo from the access card not added automatically?

A close-up of you is personal information that NTNU must have consent to publish. By posting a picture of yourself on your profile page, there is no doubt about your consent. It is also easy for you to withdraw your consent (remove the image) with immediate effect.


Get in touch via NTNU Hjelp if you have questions.