Central Appeals Committee

NTNU’s Appels Committee is the institution's highest appeals body. The committee handles cases that affect the students. The committee is crucial for ensuring the quality of work at NTNU. Its purpose is to ensure that students receive a fair, predictable, and impartial treatment of their case.

Norsk versjon: Nemnd for studentsaker

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Mandate of the Appeals Committee

The mandate of NTNU’s Appeals Committee is based on the provisions of Act relating to universities and university colleges (University and University Colleges Act) for each specific area of cases.

NTNU’s Appeals Committee is the appellate body for cases involving:

Decisions made by the committee as the appellate body are final and cannot be further appealed.

Additionally, the committee handles cases as the first instance for:

Decisions made by the committee as the first instance can be appealed to the Ministry, or a special appeals body appointed by the Ministry.


The committee consists of five members with personal deputies. The Chair must satisfy the statutory qualification requirements for judges of the Court of Appeal and must not be members of the institution's staff. Two of the members are academic staff at NTNU, and two are students at NTNU.

MemberPersonal deputy
Børge Tronvold (Chair)Robert Envik (Chair`s deputy)
Professor Ivar Ståle ErtesvågUniversity lecturer Bente Alm
University lecturer Wenche Natland DahlenProfessor Sven Inge Molnes
Student Leander Prag SømmeStudent Victoria Holmstad-Solberg
Student Siren Kristin HansenStudent Jakob Øygarden Selfors


The secretary consists of Trine Gjerstad and Marie Sundstrøm from the HR and HSE Division.

Meeting dates autumn 2023

  • August 23
  • September 13
  • October 4
  • October 25
  • November 15
  • December 6

Laws and regulations

More information


  • For questions regarding appeals on faculty level, contact the faculty directly.
  • For questions regarding cheating, contact senior advisor Anne-Marie Snekvik or senior advisor Ragnar Veien Tundal.
  • For questions regarding appeals, meeting schedules, or other matters, send an email to nemnd-studentsaker.