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Software information

ArchiCAD is a widely used program by architects and architect students. It is used to project the image of houses and other buildings in 3D.

Graphisoft has been in the international market for 25 years with a focus on construction. More than 50% of norwegian architects uses ArchiCAD today. In the past few years more than 1500 students of university, high school and technical school levels have used ArchiCAD in conjunction with their studies.

ArchiCAD is created with the Norwegian method of project building in mind and includes pre-programmed elements for walls, decking, roofing, windows, doors etc. with their templates based upon Norwegian standards. This ensures that any 3D model from the start, will be a BIM (Build Information Model).

Free software from Graphisoft

  • See the full *list of Graphisoft software* offered to students, teachers and schools for free. The overview also contains information on where to find training, register etc. The programs can be used on both Mac and Windows.

License information

Site license: ArchiCAD is available for Windows and Mac OS X.

NTNU has a licensing agreement with Graphisoft Norway for ArchiCAD. NTNU has access to unlimited licenses for students and employees, you are allowed to install this program on your private computers.

All students and employees can receive ArchiCAD over the internet where you will also get a license code which lasts for one year. The Student/Teacher version has no limitations in terms of functionality when compared to the full version. You can always download the newest version of ArchiCAD at their website.

How to recieve student license:

  1. Go to the ArchiCAD website.
  2. Register as a student with your NTNU email in the format
  3. After registering you will get the option to apply for a one year license.

If you have any troubles downloading ArchiCAD, please send an email to

Used by Faculty of Architecture and Design.

Note that the program can only be used for academic work and not for commercial work.



Students at IAT and IAP can connect to a local BIMcloud-server. This is done in ArchiCAD by connecting to with your NTNU username and password. To activate access, send an email to with your name and NTNU username. This gives you the opportunity to create and work in shared Teamwork-projects. “See Graphisoft help site” for more information.

To access BIMcloud from ArchiCAD while outside campus, you'll need to use VPN (link on 'VPN':

For questions or other inquiries, contact your course teacher.

Supplier information

Manufacturer: See more about ArchiCAD at at Graphisoft

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