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TDT07 - Learning Analytics

Learning Analytics 

Teacher: Michail Giannakos ( 

The course is taught in English

The format of the teaching is a series of sessions for each of the topics/seminars, assignments and a team project. 

This module is made for students who are having a master's thesis in learning technology-related topics and is only offered together with the module TDT06 - Educational Technology. Contact the teacher if you want additional information or to enroll. 

Workload: 3,75 SP 



Learning Goals

The course gives fundamental knowledge of learning systems and learning analytics.  

In particular, on completion of the course, students will be able to:

- Understand the design and development of contemporary learning systems.

- Explain how a technology feature influences learning processes.

- Evaluate the effect of a learning system through learner-generated data (i.e., learning analytics).

- Elaborate a study that assesses the effectiveness and efficiency of a learning technology given the target audience and expected learning outcomes.


- Register for the module here:

- CS students have to get an approval from their supervisor to register to the theory modules.

- Non-CS students can choose "Informatics" in the dropdown.

- For students who are not in computer science, please consult your own department whether they have the same format of specialization courses. Otherwise, we may not grant credits to you.

- Make sure you register at least one day before the first lecture.

- We will mainly use BlackBoard for organizing the course (online teaching, course materials, discussions, etc.).

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