NTNU Sak - implementation project

NTNU Sak is NTNU’s project for implementing a new platform for case management and a new archival-system for records management. This is done in collaboration with UH Sak, which is the university and college sector’s project for acquiring and establishing the new, digital solutions in 2023.

Norwegian version: NTNU Sak - innføring

The content on this page is relevant to all employees, and to some extent also students and others.

The pages about the project are mainly in Norwegian, and this is also the case for the national project’s pages. NTNU Sak is the pilot for the project, and this page describes some of the changes that will affect NTNU.

Do you have questions about the project or the work we do? Use the form “Spørsmål om NTNU Sak” in NTNU Help.

Starting with basic case management

When NTNU puts the new solution into use it will primarily be for four digital processes as well as basic case management, which are developed and delivered by UH Sak. After that there will be opportunities for further development, but the fundamentals must be in place first.

Deliverables from UH Sak:

  • Basic case management
  • Board-, council-, and committee-management
  • Approval of education
  • Promotion on the basis of competency
  • Freedom of information and right of access

Information about other processes that are under development will be published as it becomes available.

Who will be affected?

The development and implementation of new processes and systems will affect different target groups, and involve different parts of the organization, in different ways.


Students will get a more user-friendly interface for applications, with better guidance in the process, a greater degree of self-service, and a reduction in the use of manual applications. Through the integration of systems more information about you as a student will be available, and as such case processing will be faster and more predictable. Your personal data will be secure.

Case officers

Case officers will get a better overview of their cases, more guidance in the handling of cases, and finding information will be easier. Support for case-processes will be more integrated in the system and for example answers to similar cases, links to laws regulations, as well as guides will be available. The platform is meant to contribute to simplify everyday work tasks and greater confidence in your work. Automation and better tools will reduce the amount of manual steps in a process, and thereby time. You can also be assured that the information in the platform is safely handled.

Scientific employees

Scientific employees will contribute academic and professional assessments, and board-, council-, and committee-management, like they do today in the new solution. This will make it easier to answer questions about approval of education directly, instead of by e-mail, telephone or other ways, for example. As a scientific employee you will have support for digital processes on your PC, mobile phone, and tablet. These employees will not have a role as case officers.

Intermediate managers

As an intermediate manager you will benefit from a better overview, and allocation, of your unit’s cases. Approval and other tasks can be performed your PC, mobile phone, and tablet. A better tool will simplify the daily work for you and your employees, and reduce the need for training.

Documentation managers

Employees that work with the management of documentation and records will get a new system for this, and the case management platform will have some degree of automatic archival. This will contribute to more effective work, both with documentation-capture and keeping control of materials worthy of archival.

External users

Access to NTNU’s case work will be handled by the eInnsyn-system. External users that contribute to certain processes will be able to easily contribute to these. For example as participants to boards, councils, and committees, where case-documents are sent out, protocols are signed, etc.

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