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People doing a jigsaw. Illustration.The NTNU is implementing a new platform for the electronic records management and archive system.

Norwegian version: NTNU Sak - innføringsprosjekt

The content on this page is relevant to all employees and students and some extent external users, and guests.

The web pages about the project are mainly in Norwegian. This page describes some of the changes that will affect NTNU.

Do you have questions about the project or the work we do? Use the form "Spørsmål om NTNU Sak" in NTNU Help.

How will I be affected?


As a manager, you will get tools for collaboration and coordination, and overview, distribution, approval and delegation of matters. Also, you will get a possible tool in the development of your department or unit. You will get meeting tools for boards and committees, meeting organisation, and records management in one interface. 

You will get a better overview and distribution of cases for your colleagues/employees. Approval and other operations can be easily done on your computer or mobile phone. An improved tool will simplify your employees' work and reduce the need for training. 

Case officers

As a case officer, you will get tools for collaboration, coordination, overview and processing cases. You will also get support in the four proceedings that will be introduced first: general case management, access to information, competence promotion and approval of education. You will get meeting tools as a member or secretary of a board, council or committee. 

Scientific staff

As a scientific employee, you will contribute with professional assessments and participation in boards, councils and committees as you do today. In the future, all these tasks will be carried out in the new case management interface. You will work seamlessly:

  • with professional assessment on for instance approval of education 

  • when you send your applications as an employee, for instance, applications for competence promotion, and summons, minutes 

  • as a meeting tool when you are a member of a board, council, or committee. 

All in all, you will get an improved overview of previous cases so that you avoid giving a professional assessment in similar cases several times.


As a student, you will get access to sending applications to NTNU, for instance, approval of education. You will also get access to meeting tools as a representative of a board, council or committee. 

External staff and partners

As an external member, you will get access to meeting tools as a member of a board, council or committee. You will also get access to professional assessment in case management, for instance as an external sensor, and you can ask for access to information about yourself.


NTNU Sak will offer training in the new case management system. We are in the process of designing general training for various users. 

In the spring of 2024, we have hosted digital NTNU Sak cafes with the following topics:  

  • access to information
  • approval of education
  • access control

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