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WeVideo - simple video and sound editing in the cloud

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editing software. It offers a simple, intuitive way to edit, save and share videos.

Norsk versjon: WeVideo - enkel redigering av video og lyd i skyen

For educators at NTNU, WeVideo can be a useful tool for creating interactive ang engaging presentations, demonstrations, and learning resources for students. With WeVideo, teachers can add text, images, music, and sound effects to their videos and share them with students via Panopto or YouTube.

WeVideo also supports collaboration, allowing educators to work with colleagues to develop videos and presentations together. This can help increase collaboration and efficiency in the classroom.

WeVideo offers a wide range of services, including support for many video formats and sizes, options to adjust lighting, color tone, and contrast, and a library of licensed music and sound effects. All in all, WeVideo can be a powerful tool for enhancing students' experience and understanding of course material for a university instructor.

Access and Login

All employees at NTNU have full access to WeVideo.

Log in with Office365 here ->

The 10 best features of WeVideo

  1. Simple video editing with an intuitive interface.
  2. Cloud-based technology with options to save and share your videos.
  3. Support for many video formats and sizes.
  4. Ability to add text, transitions, sound, and music to your videos.
  5. Integration with social media for easy sharing.
  6. Real-time collaboration and teamwork options.
  7. A library of free licensed music and sound effects.
  8. Control over video quality with options to adjust lighting, color tone, and contrast.
  9. The possibility to track changes and collaborate with multiple team members.
  10. Available on many devices, including PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Rights Cleared Content for free use

Database of images and videos from NTNU that can be freely used for both commercial purposes and educational purposes.

Green Screen recording

WeVideo also has a green screen feature, which allows the teacher to add a virtual backdrop behind the actor, making it possible to create more realistic and believable videos. This feature also allows you to add your own images and videos as the background, providing even greater creative possibilities for the teacher.

With the green screen feature, the teacher can create videos with actors or objects that appear to be in a specific location, even if they are actually somewhere else, providing a unique and engaging experience for the students.


Universal design of videos and audio description

WeVideo mobile-app

App for iOS:

App for Android:

App for Chromebook:

Google Chrome WeVideo opptaker: (NOTE, not yet available in the EU)


When it comes to recording lectures, it is important to be aware of regulations regarding privacy in online teaching and GDPR.

Help and support

Please contact the Section for Learning Support (SLS) for pedagogical support with WeVideo. You can reach them through NTNU Help.