Student responsibility in the quality assurance of education

As a student, you play an important roll in the work to improve courses and programmes of study at NTNU. You can contribute in many ways and through several different channels. This page details what you can do and how.

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Participate in student evaluations

You can participate in student evaluations of your courses by giving running feedback to the reference group or by participating in reference groups, surveys and meetings.

Participate in student democracy

The student democracy represents students in the quality assurance process at all levels in the organization. The student democracy has representatives at the faculty and department level and in all councils of programmes of study.

You can participate in the student democracy (in Norwegian) by giving feedback to your representatives, or by becoming a student representative yourself.

Reporting problems and anomalies in the quality of education

If you courses are not being evaluated, or the conclusion of the evaluation is not followed up, you can report a problem through NTNU's web-based problem reporting system.

How is the quality of your courses and programme of study ensured?

What can you expect the course coordinator to do to ensure the quality of your courses?

What can you expect the head of your programme of study to do to ensure the quality of your programme of study?

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