Report on exchange stay abroad

Information regarding experience reports on exchange stays abroad, and how to write and upload one.

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PLEASE NOTE: As of September 2023, several students have noted issues when trying to submit a report in the database. If you are having issues, try using this link to submit a new report. If that does not work, please save a copy of your report and hold on to until the IT department can locate and fix the issue.

Write a report on your exchange stay abroad

Through this experience report you give other students who are planning an exchange stay valuable information on different destinations, and can help them greatly on their way. We encourage you to give yourself proper time to experience what it feels like to be a student at your place of study before submitting this report.

Write and submit your report

The report takes the form of a questionnaire, so it should be easy to fill in. Do note that the repost must be approved by the office of international relations before it is made available for orher students in the report database.

Write, submit and read other reports here.

Unable to submit your report?

First check that you in fact have the latest version of Java installed on your device. If you still are experiencing problems you can send an e-mail to