Rentals and relocation

Here are tips for researchers who plan to move abroad and want to rent our their property. NTNU has many visiting researchers who are here for short periods or on sabbatical and need housing. Norsk versjon - Utleie og flytting

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Finding tenants with NTNU's help

You can get help from NTNU's Housing Office in renting your home or apartment. They also facilitate contact with Utleiemegeleren, a housing agency, so that you can get help with managing your property while you are gone. Contact  NTNU's International Researcher Support can also help you with this.

Moving your belongings abroad

The Euraxess website contains good advice on moving your belongings abroad. Household items and goods that you bring with you from Norway can be brought back to Norway without paying customs duty and VAT payments. 

A certificate from Norwegian Customs and Excise can be used as proof that the items have not been purchased abroad (especially important for items such as computers and other electronic equipment).


You mail can be forwarded by the Norwegian Postal Service for a fee, but be aware that there may be considerable delays involved with this approach, and it is not cheap. One solution might be to send the mail to family, neighbours or someone at your department at NTNU who could then forward important mail to you.


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