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On this page you will find information about relocation allowance.

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If you move from one government position to another and the transition causes relocation, you may be entitled to a relocation allowance. The same term applies if you are required to relocate due to a change of place of employment.

Information on relocation allowance can be found in the Government Personnel Handbook 2022 – 9.8 Special agreement on coverage of relocation costs (in Norwegian).

Important points in the special agreement:

  • The employer decides whether to cover relocation costs.
  • The relocation shall be done in the most cost-effective way for the state.
  • If a moving agency is used, tenders must be obtained from a minimum of three registered moving agencies.
  • The relocation volume shall correspond to a normal volume of 50 cubic meters, and this includes what is normally included in a home. Moving expenses for special items such as cars, boats and such is not covered.
  • As a general rule, there shall be entered a lock-in period in the agreement between the employee and the employer who pays the relocation expenses, and on a proportionate reimbursement of the relocation expenses in the event that the employee quits before the lock-in period is over. The lock-in period (in Norwegian) in usually one year. In such an agreement, it must also be established that deductions can be made from salary for the amount that may be repaid.

Moving to / from abroad

For more information on moving to / from abroad, see the Government Personnel Handbook 2022 – 10.6.4 Administrative provisions on moving to / from abroad (in Norwegian).



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