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Information on this page is for all employees at NTNU.

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Norwegian: Bestille catering og møtemat

As a rule, leaders or authorized representatives must show restraint when it comes to ordering food for meetings and representation. Remember to get approval of the purchase by a superior with budget allocation authority (BDM) before placing any orders.

Dining on NTNU's premises

  1. If you are going to order food for a meeting or catering to, for example, a conference, you must first get approval to do so by a superior who has the authority to approve costs (budget allocation authority/BDM).
  2. Make sure to check the current guidelines and price rates for representation and hospitality (in Norwegian).
  3. If you know what you are going to order, you can fill out and submit the purchase request form.
  4. If you are unsure of what you are going to order, contact your local purchaser or the catering company directly for information about options and/or a menu. Only use the suppliers that NTNU have binding agreements with.
  5. Specify your order in the purchase request form. Remember to include information about the meeting, who is attending, when and where the meeting will be held, and the exact delivery location and contact information.

Please note that orders must be approved by your superior with budget allocation authority (BDM) before 12:00 (12pm) for deliveries the next business day. Make sure to check when the supplier’s deadlines are, as this can vary (in Norwegian).

 Purchase request form

Contact your purchaser if you have questions.

Suppliers of catering and food to NTNU

Catering and food must be ordered from the supplies that NTNU have an agreement with.

For more detailed information about the suppliers, please see NTNU’s contract catalogue (in Norwegian).

These agreements are binding and must be used for all orders of the following:

Local catering (for example catering for meetings)

Trondheim: Sit Kafé or Godt brød Trondhjem AS.

Gjøvik: Sit in Gjøvik

Ålesund: Sit in Ålesund

Ordering cakes

Trondheim: Sit Kafé

Gjøvik: Sit in Gjøvik

Ålesund: Sit in Ålesund

Catering for larger parties/events

Trondheim: Brasseri Cava – To Rom og Kjøkken.

Gjøvik: Sit in Gjøvik

Ålesund: Sit in Ålesund

The suppliers are also able to set tables and deliver catering with serving staff if needed.

Please note that only Sit catering can be used for dining in Sit canteen areas.

For meetings or catering for larger parties or events outside of NTNU's premises, you must use one of the catering suppliers NTNU has an agreement with. The only exception to this rule is if we rent a space that has its own kitchen or restaurateur with exclusive rights. An example of this can be when we rent venues in a hotel in connection with a conference.

More information about the suppliers and their contact information is available on the Norwegian version of this page.

Dining outside of NTNU's venues

If you are going out to eat, you must get approval in advance from a superior with budget allocation authority (BDM).

NTNU does not have an agreement with any specific restaurants. Any restaurants can be used when dining outside of NTNU’s venues, but the price rates must be followed (in Norwegian).

The rates given include VAT. Please note that as a rule, no tips are to be paid at the expense of NTNU in Norway.

Ordering at a restaurant should be carried out as follows:

  • Book a table at the restaurant of your choice.
  • Use the purchase request form to submit your order, or contact your local purchaser.
  • Remember to specify who is attending, the occasion and time and place for the event, in the form or to your local purchaser.
  • Also remember to include your cost centre - and sub-project numbers when you submit your order.
    • Your superior with BDM can inform you about which cost centre- and sub-project numbers should be used in your order. Your local controller or local Financial Officer (for externally funded projects) can also help you with which sub-project number to use for your unit or project.
  • Make an agreement with your local purchaser on whether the purchase order should be sent directly to the restaurant, or if you should bring a printout of it when you visit the restaurant.
  • Stay within current price rates when eating/drinking.
  • Remember that we are not allowed to tip the staff at the expense of NTNU in Norway.

Hosting conferences outside of NTNU’s premises

If you are making plans to host a conference outside of NTNU's premises, NTNU has agreements with different venues. Please see the contract catalogue (in Norwegian) for which agreements currently apply before proceeding.

  • Contact the conference venue you would like to book for the event.
  • Choose your own arrangement within the current price rates.
  • Use the purchase request form.
  • Be precise when filling out the reasons for the occasion in the form, the date(s) the conference will be held, number of attendees and the correct cost-centre- and sub-project numbers.
  • If there are many participants, the hotel will need a written contract of the booking. This contract must be sent as an attachment in the purchase request form.


If you have any questions, please contact your local purchaser.