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TeamSite is a digital collaboration space, for students and employees. TeamSites makes collaboration, sharing and collaborative writing easy.

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Note: It is no longer possible to create new collaboration rooms in TeamSite. The IT Department recommends Teams, which is a more modern platform for collaboration. Read more about Teams here.

What is a TeamSite?

TeamSite is a useful tool for projects. TeamSite allows you to share documents, collaborate on making presentations or documents, share a todo list, email participants and share links.

A TeamSite is an open collaborative platform that allows you to invite collagues or others from outside NTNU.

Initial one year lifespan

A TeamSite will automatically be given a life span of one year. When the date gets close to the expiration date the owner of the room will get an email asking to renew the TeamSite. The owner can change the expiration date of the TeamSite at any time by clicking the Administration link ont the right side of the Home page and change the Change valid to. As default, the owner of a TeamSite is the creator.

Frequently asked questions

How do I invite others to join my TeamSite

Go to a TeamSite you own. On the right side of your screen, under "Informasjon og medlemmer" you will se a list of members.

  1. Press the icon to add people (next to the list of members). A small window will pop up.
  2. Add people:
    • If the person is a student or an employee at NTNU:  Enter the full name or the NTNU user name of the person you want to add in the top field, and then select the person from the list of suggestions.
    • If the person you want to add is not employed at NTNU or studying at NTNU write the full email adress in the top field.
  3. Set the access level:
    • Members: can read, write and fetch documents.
    • Owners: in addition to the member privileges, an owner can add and remove other members from the TeamSite.
    • Visitors: read only access to the content of the TeamSite.

How do I remove members from my Teamsite?

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner next to you profile image and choose Site Settings.
  2. Click on Site Permissions under Users and Permisions.
  3. There are three default access level groups in a Teamsite. Either click on the group where the person is a member or, if you don't know what group the person is a member of, click Check Permissions in the menu and enter the users name to find the membership.
  4. Choose the person you want to delete and click on Actions and Remove users from group.

How do I extend the lifespan of a Teamsite?

The entire Teamsite will be set to read-only once the expiration date is passed. The Teamsite will be marked as "Ready for deletion" and will at some point be deleted by the IT Department. If you wish to keep your Teamsite, please do the following to extend the lifespan:

  1. Go to your teamsite and click on Administration under Information and Members.
  2. Change the Valid to date.
  3. Save the changes.

How do I change the name or look on my Teamsites tile?#

You have to be a Teamsite owner to change these settings:

  1. Go to your teamsite and click on Administration under Information and Members.
  2. Change the settings you wish to change and save.

How do I delete a TeamSite

The owner can delete a TeamSite manually by clicking the Administration link on the right side of the Home page and navigate to the Delete TeamSite tab page in the dialog window.

I have lost my site owner privileges. What now?

You have probably clicked the Delete unique permissions-button in the site permission page. Contact Orakel Support Services and we will help you get your your site priveleges back