Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Windows 10 Education is available to students and employees at NTNU through the Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching.

Norsk versjon - Microsoft Windows

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How to get the software

  1. Go to the Azure Dev Tools website.
  2. Click on ”Sign in”. To sign in to your account, enter “”, replacing username with your NTNU username, and click “Next”.
  3. You will be sent to FEIDE login. Log in using your NTNU username and password.
  4. The first time you log in you will have to agree to agreements and privacy statements. Check the box and click “Accept terms”.
  5. You will find “Windows 10 Education” under “Software”. Click on the link.
  6. A window will appear where you can download the software and view the licence key.

Note: The software provided by NTNU is only for educational purposes. Commercial work is not permitted using this software.

Tips and tricks

Windows as an external desktop

NTNU has a software farm that lets you use Windows programs from an external unit, regardless of which operating system you're using. For more information, see the article about the software farm.