Language preparation for studying abroad

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Norsk versjon: Språkforberedelser til utenlandsstudier

When preparing for studies abroad, we recommend that you also prepare yourself thoroughly for the language of instruction. The Department of Language and Literature has several introductory courses. In addition it is recommended that you continue to study the language after arrival.

Language scholarship

If you are already eligible for receiving financial support from the State Educational Load Fund, you can apply for en extra scholarship if undertaking education or language courses abroad in another language than English. Get in touch with the State Educational Loan Fund if this applies to you.

English proficiency tests

Some institutions require documentation of your English proficiency. You should take the required tests well in advance of your departure.

Students planning on applying for a degree program in the USA may also need to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) (Graduate degree program) or the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) (Undergraduate degree program). Very few universities require the GRE for students studying abroad. In 2015-16 the SAT was given in Oslo and Stavanger.

Spanish as the language of instruction

If you plan to study in South America, you will need to be proficient in Spanish. Most institutions will require proof of your proficiency. For studies in Brasil, Portuguese proficiency is required.

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