Integrated PhD at the Faculty of Engineering

This information is for master's students in the Faculty of Engineering (IV) study programs who wish to start with a PhD in engineering.

Norsk versjon - Integrert ph.d.-utdanning

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This arrangement aims to provide a seamless transition between the course of study and the PhD study.

Integrated PhD is a model for doctoral education where the student is admitted to a PhD program and starts their PhD education before they have completed their master's education, primarily during the ninth or tenth semester.

Like standard PhD education, integrated PhD education must also be for three full-time equivalents. One year with compulsory work can be agreed upon if salary funds are available.

Regulations concerning integrated PhD (in Norwegian only).

Integrated PhD – part one

Integrated PhD is divided into two periods. The first (integration period) consists of both the master's and PhD education. Students can start with some PhD work simultaneously as they complete their master's. The integration period is passed when a master's degree has been obtained.

An application can be made for a postponed deadline for the delivery of the master's thesis so that the student retains their student status towards Lånekassen and can thus be entitled to loan fund support for as long as the integration period lasts.

Admission to part one

At the start of the integration period (no later than the start of the last semester of the master's), the student must apply for admission to the PhD program. The student uses the application form for admission to the PhD program in engineering. The application form must be clearly marked as admission to an integrated PhD. To apply for admission to the integrated PhD, the applicant must have a preliminary average from the master's (7th, 8th and possibly 9th semester) at A or B.

Study plan during the integration period

During the integration period, the student will mainly have status as a master's, but they will also be registered as a PhD candidate. It is encouraged that the student takes one or two PhD courses, of which IFEL8000 is one, and that the student integrates into the relevant research environment. Completing the master's degree must nevertheless be the main priority.

Integrated PhD – part two

The candidate must apply for admission to part two. There is a separate application form for admission to an integrated PhD part two. The requirement for admission is an average grade from the master's at A or B.

The figure below shows three alternative courses of study that vary with the time of admission to the integrated PhD and passing the integration period.


Due to the integration period, the duration of the course of study will be more than the standard three-year. Salaries for the three years will be distributed according to further agreement with the Department.

The student cannot be employed as a PhD candidate if the master's degree has not been completed. The usual practice is to appoint the student in the position category of teaching assistants/research assistants during the integration period. It is important that the student is not paid more than Lånekassen allows for the scholarship scheme.

Once the integration period is passed, the student will be employed as a PhD candidate.

Interruption during integrated PhD part one

It must be possible for students to interrupt their PhD studies during the integration period without unreasonable loss of time concerning the ordinary course of study.