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H5P - Interactive resources

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h5p logo What is H5P?

H5P is a framework for creating interactive content for use in teaching. All employees at NTNU have access to create learning resources in H5P, while students have access to use the resources.

Get started

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Here you will be asked to log in with Feide. The first time you log in, a user will be created, and you can start creating interactive content in seconds.

Getting Started  - Guide to how to understand reuse, editing and production of new content.

Possiblities in H5P - content types

There are several different types of content to choose from when creating interactive content for teaching. The content types are adapted to different needs, and it requires some knowledge to find the right content type. We recommend looking at examples, then you can get inspiration and see opportunities you would otherwise have missed. On the H5P website you can find good examples of different content types.

Try the "Game map" content type below.

H5P and NTNU

Use for other systems

Blackboard: All content you create in your folder under is available in Blackboard, and vice versa. You can make H5P available in your topic by selecting a content area and clicking Build Content. Several resources have been created for the use of H5P, these can be found in the support section in Blackboard


Panopto: NTNU uses Panopto as a video platform. The videos from Panopto can be built into H5P to enrich the content, and to increase the degree of participation from the students.


How NTNU'ers do it

Language teaching: Hege Langfjæran and Tormod Aagaard at the Department of Language and Literature have developed several interactive resources for use in language teaching.

User guide: Ole Vik, department for documentation management, has made a presentation of how to clean ePhorte. Here they have used sound, text and graphics to describe how to proceed.



  • Tutorials from H5P - Detailed step-by-step descriptions of how to create the various interactivities.
  • Examples - For inspiration and introduction to the different content types.
  • Content sharing - H5P has a strong focus on sharing and reusing content, and it is easy to collaborate when interactive content is to be prepared.


Contact us at NTNU Help, or send an e-mail to the Section for teaching and learning support.