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External feeds in your news stream

How to add feeds from other sites to your news stream in NTNUs intranet.

Norsk versjon - Eksterne feeds i nyhetsstrømmen

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NTNUs messaging system (Innsida) can be used to read the latest news from many sources, so that you do not have to visit several different websites to stay informed. New posts from a website´s RSS feed will appear along with the news from the NTNU channels you subscribe to. 

Add external feeds to your news stream

You can read news from other sites —such as Universitetsavis, BBC, or Norwegian SciTech News — to your startpage news stream in Innsida. If you cannot find the feed in Innsida via ChannelsDiscover new channels, then you can add it:

  1. Find the URL for the RSS-feed for the site you want to follow.
  2. Click the Channels-button, found at bottom of your startpage news menu
  3. Choose the tab Discover new channels 
  4. Click «Add new RSS feed», paste the address of the feed, and then click «Add new RSS feed»

Screenshot: Add RSS feed to Innsida

Rektoratets blogg, Universitetsavisa, Gemini, and many other RSS-feeds are already available in Innsida, you just need to search for them.