Digital school exam - use of sheets for scanning

On this website students will find important information on how to use sheets for scanning. The sheets are scanned after the exam, allowing the grading process to be performed digitally. 

Norsk versjon - Digital eksamen - eksamensark som skal skannes

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Questions and question codes

In addition to the usual information about subject code, date, candidate number and number of pages, you must fill in a question code on every sheet you use. Every code is unique for the question and for you as a candidate. You will find the question code: 

  • Paper based exam: Your question codes are handed out on the location of the exam
  • Digital exam: Below the question, on the right side, it says: "Show question code". Click here, and the code will show:

The codes are unique for every question, and it is important that you start every new question on a new sheet! Note that sub questions may also have an unique code. 

Filling in the question code

The sheets are read optically, and it is of great importance that you fill in all the fields on the sheet:

  • Date
  • Subject code
  • Candidate number
  • Question number
  • Page number (collected for the whole answer, not per question) 
  • Question code:

Examples on correctly filled in codes:

Delivery and copy

Put the sheets in natural order in the folder, the papers will be scanned in the order they are delivered.

Your digital copy of your answer is found under “Archive” at – log on using your Feide username and password. The copy will be found here as soon as the scanning is done, typically the day after the exam.