Borrowing banners and rollups

Norsk versjon - Utlån av bannere og rollups
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If you are arranging a conference or other official NTNU event, you can borrow official NTNU rollups or banners from the Communication Division. We have rollups and banners in both English and Norwegian Bokmål.

You can pick up a rollup or banner at the Communication Division’s offices on the third floor of the Main Administration Building no more than 2-3 days before your event. They need to be returned as soon as possible after your event is over, so they are available for other people to borrow.


Rollups – General NTNU-rollups


Rollups til utlån ved Kommunikasjonsavdelingen

Rollups – NTNU Alumni

Rollups – NTNU Enabling Technologies

Rollups – NTNU Strategic Research Areas

There are three rollups for lending; NTNU Health, NTNU Sustainability and NTNU Energy. All three are in norwegian. Pictures are missing.

Rollups – NTNU and SINTEF: Better Together


Banner with Norwegian logo – W: 1 x H: 3 metres

Banner – en X tre meter

Banner with norwegian logo – W: 10 x H: 3 meter


Banner with english logo – W: 4 x H: 1 meter

Banner with english logo – W: 1 x H: 1 meter

Picture walls

Banner with NTNU-logos, to use as background taking photos – W: 3 x H: 2 meter.

Banner med logoer

Banner with NTNU-logos, to use as background taking photos – W: 10,6 x H: 3,5 meter.

Banner med logoer – stort


Blue flag with logo – W: 1,5 x H: 1 meter


Blue flag with slogan – W: 1,5 x H: 1 meter


White flag with logo – W: 1,5 x H: 1 meter


Blue flag (for holding) with pole and english logo – W: 50 x H: 23 cm


Frames (for taking photos)

Frames that can be used for taking photos/selfies at for example arrangements. The frame is NTNU-blue with NTNU-logo and slogan with polaroid-theme – W: 1 x H: 2 meter  

Instagram ramme

NTNU-letters in aluminium

One set with the letters NTNU in NTNU-blue aluminium – 1 meter high. Can be used at for example arrangements to display NTNU. 

NTNU letters in aluminium