Borrow AV equipment

The NTNU AV Services has a wide selection of audio-visual equipment available for employees at NTNU. The equipment should primarily be used for ordinary teaching, in addition to doctoral defenses, meetings and conferences at NTNU. Student organisations can borrow older equipment as long as it is not booked for teaching.

Norsk versjon - Låne AV-utstyr

Video projectors

We have a selection of different projectors for different areas of use, from smaller, easily transportable models to large rapid lens projectors suitable for even the largest auditoriums. The majority of our projectors works best with a 1024x768 resolution (XGA). while most of them also work with a 1280x1024 resolution (SXGA). Video projectors are installed in most of the classrooms at NTNU.


We have a limited number of laptops available for borrowing. These are usually reserved for special circumstances and are not available for long-term borrowing. The computers are configured by ITEA, which means that all employees can log on to with their NTNU account.

Overhead projectors

There are overhead projectors in most auditoriums and classrooms at NTNU. We also have a few available for borrowing.

Document camera

The document camera can be connected to a projector and can replace the overhead projector, with a number of additional features. There are document cameras in many of the auditoriums and classrooms and we also have some available for borrowing.

Slide projectors

The slide projector was an important tool for teachers a few years ago. Today, however, slides are usually presented in Powerpoint. Regardless, we still have a good selection of slide projectors available for borrowing. Available formats are 5x5 og 6x6.


We have a selection of transportable screens available for borrowing if the room you want to use does not have a screen.

Laser pointers

We have a limited number of laser pointers that you can use during your Powerpoint presentations; you connect the laser pointers via a USB port. Laser pointers are not available for long-term borrowing.

Bluray/DVD/VHS players

We have DVD- and Bluray players available for borrowing, in addition to a few combined DVD/VHS players.

CD/Cassette players

We have a few combined CD/Cassette players with radio available for borrowing.

Flat screen

At Dragvoll, we have a few rolling tables with plasma screens and DVD players available for borrowing, if you want to show films in smaller rooms.


Sound systems with wireless microphones are installed in most of the larger auditoriums. We can supply more, but the receivers installed room limit the number of microphones that you can use. We also have some mobile speakers with wireless microphones.

Video camera

We have two digital video cameras available for borrowing that you can use for smaller productions. If you want to produce videos of lectures or conferences, we recommend that you contact our colleagues at the NTNU Multimedia Centre.

Cables and adapters

We have a wide selection of cables and adapters. We also have adapters to connect computers without NTNU’s two most common port types, VGA or HDMI. We do not have enough adapters for long-term borrowing. If you have a Mac with a Thunderbolt port, we recommend that you buy a personal adapter. VGA is the common port now, but as we digitalise the classrooms, HDMI and DisplayPort will become the standard.

Other equipment

NTNU has a framework agreement with two suppliers of AV equipment. If the equipment you need is not available, we can contact our external partners to supply the equipment.

Contact the Multimedia Centre if you need help and assistance concerning filming lectures or conferences


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