Bike parking

Information about bike parking at Dragvoll, Kalvskinnet and Gløshaugen. Norsk versjon: Sykkelparkering

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Where can I park my bike?

Parking of bicycles and electric scooters shall only take place in areas approved for bicycle parking. Bicycles and electric scooters parked outside these areas will be removed. Rented electric scooters can only be parked at mandatory parking zones.

We encourage employees to use public transport or bikes. We have therefore improved our facilities with several parking spaces and new bike sheds.

Here you can park your bike and use bicycle pumps at Gløshaugen and Dragvoll (in Norwegian) (pdf) You can also fint a bicycle pump at Marinteknisk senter.

Here you can park your bike at Campus Øya (in Norwegian) (pdf)

At Kalvskinnet, there are 210 spaces for indoor bicycle parking in the basement in Akrinn vest. The entrance is from Gunnerus gate.

Attention! Unfortunately, theft and vandalism on bicycles can happen on campus. We advise you not to park your bike outside overnight.

Who can use the bike parking?

Everyone with an access card has access to the bike sheds. The bike stands are available to everyone.

Indoor bicycle parking at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering (EPT)

Employees at EPT have access to indoor bicycle room B133 at Kolbjørn Hejes vei 1C. See guidelines for the room.


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