Admission to courses with restricted admission

Registration for courses with restricted admission

Courses with restricted admission are courses with a limited student capacity where students who have registered by a given deadline compete for admission based on a grade average calculated from courses completed at NTNU. Information in Norwegian

Registration deadlines for courses with restricted admission

  • 1 June (autumn semester) StudentWeb will open for registration 1 May
  • 1 December (spring semester)

Registration is done on Studentweb . Registration must be completed by the given deadlines in order to follow a course with restricted admission. This also applies to students who have courses with restricted admission as compulsory subjects as part of their programme of study.

Course registration

Course registration is done on Studentweb by clicking ‘My active courses’ and adding the relevant courses.


The applicants are ranked by the following criteria:

  1. Average grade based on all courses taken at NTNU
  2. Age, with the oldest applicants taking priority, calculated by date of birth

Receiving and accepting offers of admission

Offers of admission are sent out by the end of June for courses held in the autumn semester and by the end of December for courses held in the spring semester. All applicants will receive an email after the admissions process, and the results will be available on Studentweb. Students who receive an offer of admission must accept the offer on Studentweb by the given deadline in order to be granted admission to the course. After the deadline for accepting offers has passed, an new round of offers will be given to applicants on the waiting list if the courses have places to be filled. Students on the waiting list who receive an offer of admission will be notified by email. After this round of admissions, if there are still courses with available places, registration will open and students can register and receive offers on a first-come, first-served basis. Please remember to register for your exams after accepting your offer of enrolment.

Late registration

Courses that are not full after the second round of admissions will open for registration at the beginning of the semester. Registration is done on Studentweb and places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they meet any specific course requirements. If a student does not meet the requirements of a course, they will not be permitted to take the exam or submit other assessments.

Late registration will remain possible until all available places are filled.

Spring 2024: Late registration for the following courses will be open from January 9th:


Certain courses with admission restrictions will not be open for registration after the second round of admissions. However, students may be admitted to a course if it is part of their individual education plan, at the discretion of the department that is academically responsible for the course. Please contact the relevant department for more information.

Important dates

Autumn semester
1 June: Course registration deadline
Medio June: First round of admissions
6 August: Deadline for accepting enrolment offers
10 August: Second round of admissions
10 August: Late registration opens
15 September: Late registration closes
15 September: Deadline for exam registration

Spring semester
1 December: Course registration deadline
Medio December: First round of admissions
3 January: Deadline for accepting enrolment offers
6 January: Second round of admissions
6 January: Late registration opens
1 February: Late registration closes
1 February: Deadline for exam registration

How to apply

Students apply for courses with restricted admission through Studentweb.

List of courses with restricted admission