Guide to Innsida

Add or remove apps

Add and remove elements from tabs you have created yourself.

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Add apps

How to add apps to tabs you have created yourself:

  1. To add page elements (apps), click menu
  2. Choose Add apps. n. 
  3. Find what you want in the list of available applications, and click the Add button. The app will immediately added to bottom of My page.

Screenshot: add apps to My Page in Innsdia

Move apps 

To move page elements:

  1. Click F2 to show the app-labels and edit options (if they are hidden)
  2. Move your mouse over the app label and click the set of arrows.
    Screenshot: Move cursor over appens label
  3. Drag the app to a new location. A blue, horizontal line indicates where the app will land when you release the mouse button. 

Remove apps

To remove page elements:

  1. Click F2 to show the app-labels and edit options (if they are hidden)
  2. Move your mouse over the app´s label and then, click the X icon to remove apps you don't want.
  3. Click F2 again to hide the edit options


Q:  Can I still add apps to my start page (My Page)?
A:    No, not to the start page, but uou can still create a custom tab and add what you want.  Why? Analysis shows that only a small percentage av users use these special features. Most users want a default page that gives them what they need, without having to do anything.

Q:  What apps are most useful?
A:    We recommend you try the following NTNU-apps:

  • InstaBart for students 
  • InstaBart for employees
  • Course offerings (Læringsportal kurstilbud) 
  • Mine-studier appen (already a standard part of students' Course Schedule tab)

Q: How do I change the page layout?
A:  See this guide: Change your page layout


Orakel Support Services can help if you encounter difficulties.