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User guides

User guides

You have access to many user guides in the support section of Blackboard. Click on the Support-button in the bottom right corner of the subject page og select Blackboard Support

Screenshot of the support-button in Blackboard and where to click for Blackboard Support.

You find the guides by clicking on the different categories, or by using the search field. You can search for titles and keywords. The guides are built as small courses, with both pedagogical advice and step-by-step technical set-up.

Support resources

Support resources

In addition to the user guides in Blackboard Support, you will find these resources:


Blackboard Help

Blackboard also have its own help pages

Video course

 Video course

Introduction to Blackboard

The course covers the following: 

  • ​Get started 
  • Communication with students 
  • Building course content 
  • Assessment in Blackboard ​
  • How to give feedback? 
  • Contact and help ​

See all upcoming pedagogical and tecnical courses in Læringsportalen (the course catalog)

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Support services

 Support services

See also:

Get help from teaching assistants

Get help from a teaching assistant

  • We hold courses adapted to different needs
  • We offer one-on-one follow-up

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