NTNU Check-in Questions and Answers

Below you will find questions and answers about NTNU Check-in, a system for registering presence and location at NTNU.

August 28th: Rector encourages use of digital check in option

Norsk version - NTNU Check-in FAQ

About NTNU Check-in

NTNU has been tasked with keeping an track of who is present on campus, when and where, in order to assist the health officials in the Trondheim municipality with contact tracking in the event of a Covid-19 infection on campus. Below you will find questions and answers about data collection and use in the NTNU Check-in system.

If you have been diagnosed with Covid-19 infection or have a strong suspicion of infection, see NTNU's pages about Coronavirus policies and procedures.


How do I use the QR code?

  1. Use your phone´s camera to scan the QR code and quickly open the room´s check-in form (log in with Feide if asked)
  2. Adjust start and stop time if necessary, and fill in your seat number (if you know it)
  3. Click Check in

Do I have to download anything?


You can use the camera on your mobile phone to scan QR codes without downloading an app (with few exceptions) — and NTNU Check-in is a web-based service so there is nothing to download. How to scan QR codes.

What if I don´t see a QR code in my room?

If you do not see a QR code, you can always use the option for manual registration.

  1.  Log into NTNU Check-in with Feide (
  2. Click manual registration and then search for the room you are in
  3. Adjust start and stop time if necessary, and fill in you seat number (if you know it)
  4. Click Check in

Why do you ask for a seat number?

In the event of an infection, or a suspected case of infection at NTNU, this informastion may be used to identify those with whom that person has come into close contact. We ask you to register a seat number in order to exclude people in the large rooms and auditoriums. This field can also be used by employees who want to describe their location in the office landscape and other large common areas.

How do I produce a QR code for my room?

QR codes for all rooms are ready for printing or display:

  1. Log into NTNU Check-in and use the search function to find your room
  2. Click room status and info (at the bottom of the check-in form) to open the QR code
  3. Print the page (CTRL+P or Command+P). The counter will not be printed
  4. Remember to test the QR code before you hang it up.

If you are lecturing, you may want to display the QR code page on the big screen at the beginning of the lecture, so that students can scan the code from where they are sitting, and to remind students that they should register their attendance.

Can I bookmark a check-in form?


The URL for the check-in form is unique for each room. This means that you can bookmark the room's check-in form and reuse it when you visit the same room later. Lecturers can also bookmark the QR code page for the rooms they use frequently.

Example: Skiboli room 5 at Gløshaugen has these fixed URLs:

Can I delete a check-in that is incorrect?


Click "My Check-ins" to see a list of your registrations. Here you can delete a check-in that is incorrect. Use the room search to manually register a check-in with the desired corrections.

Why do I see AM / PM when I enter the time?

It is your browser settings that control the time format when you record a start-time and stop-time. If you have chosen to use English as the language in your browser, you may see AM and PM rather than the 24-hour time format.

How do I scan a QR code?

  1. Open the built-in camera app on your mobile
  2. Point the camera at a QR code (the camera reads the code and a notification)
  3. Tap on the notification to open the link

Exception: Do you have an older mobile?

Privacy and NTNU Check-in

NTNU Check-in data collection and use is described briefly below.

What data is collected by NTNU Check-in?

NTNU Check-in collects ten days of data, and only the locations and data that you choose to register:

  • Room
  • Times and date
  • Seat number

will be stored together with your name and Feide-ID on a server at NTNU. NTNU will save only 21 days of data, and will delete older registrations daily. Your mobile phone number is not currently stored with NTNU Check-in data, but will be retrieved from your student-record (FS) or employee profile, if there is an infection that may impact you. In such an instance, your mobile number will be retrieved from NTNU systems and included in the data we send, securely, to the municipalities´ contact tracers, so that they can send you an SMS.

What will the data used for?

The purpose of collecting this information is not to monitor your movements in general. The check-ins you register will be kept confidential, and will only be used in the event of a suspected case of Covid-19 at NTNU.

In such an instance, NTNU will use the information in the system to:

  1. identify who the person with symptoms came in contact with while experiencing symtoms, as well as in the 48 hours prior; and
  2. to fascillitate contact with those who have had a certain degree of physical proximity (less than 2 meters for more than 15 minutes). We ask you to register a seat number so that we can exclude people in the large rooms.

Who has access to the my data?

The details you register on attendance and location will only be used and analyzed in the event of an infection or a suspected infection. The data will only be processed by those responsible for contact tracing, and is otherwise only available to a few people responsible for the process and system.

In such a case, NTNU will not transfer the entire database; only a subset of relevant information will to provided to contact tracing personnel. The names and phone numbers of those identified as relevant will also be provided to contact tracers.

About cookies in NTNU Check-in

Some cookies are necessary for the a site to to function well. NTNU Check in has a session cookie that is set when you login to handle your browser session.You can restrict or block cookies using the options in your browser. For mer details about how NTNU uses cookies on various sites, see our cookie statement: Cookies used at NTNU.

NTNU Check-in skal ikke benyttes i følgende tilfeller

  • Ved arrangementer skal ansvarlig arrangør sørge for egen deltageroversikt og ha denne tilgjengelig dersom smittevernkontoret trenger bistand til smittesporing. Lister med kontaktinformasjon til deltakere skal slettes etter 14 dager. Arrangøren skal informere de som er til stede om at det nedtegnes en egen oversikt. Det samme gjelder linjeforeninger og andre studentorganisasjoner, som har aktiviteter som ikke foregår i et bestemt rom.
  • NTNU Check-in kan ikke benyttes til dokumentasjon av oppmøte på obligatorisk undervisning/aktivitet.

Roller og ansvar

  • IT-avdelingen er ansvarlig for at NTNU Check in er tilgjengelig og ivaretar de sikkerhetskrav som er stilt til løsningen
  • HR- og HMS-avdelingen er ansvarlig for uthenting av data og oversending av denne til smittevernkontoret. Dette skjer kun på forespørsel, i henhold til egen prosedyre.
  • Avdeling for Campusservice er ansvarlig for at QR-koder tilgjengeliggjøres i rom der det foregår forelesning og annen type undervisningsaktiviteter.


Orakel Support Services can help if you you encounter difficulties with logging in or registering your attendence.

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