Department seminars - IBT

Every Wednesday, the Department of Biotechnology and Food Science arranges a lunch seminar that is actually a mixture of three different series: PhD is for our PhD candidates presenting their plans at startup, or their work as it ended close to dissertation. Pro is for professors and professionals presenting their own work or some topic within their own field of expertise. Since top class biotechnology is performed at a multitude of Departments at NTNU, people from outside is often invited. Moreover, there are exciting studies going on at NTNU far off our own field of science that should also be of major interest. Finally, series Asp = "annet spennende" may include anything else of exciting studies or hobbies with a touch of science or culture. So watch out!

Time: Every Wednesday 12:15 - 13:00.

Location: Lunch room 069 - Kjemiblokk III/IV.

Language is indicated by the language of the title


IBT lunch seminars AUTUMN 2023

Dato Uke Serie Navn og tittel
30/8 35 Pro Pedro Oviedo, Univ. Bio-Bio, Conceptión, Chile: Evaluating the response of a Chilean Thraustochytrid strain to wastewater-based and conventional culture media
6/9 36 Pro Bjørn Erik Christensen: Aldera project - Block copolymers for drug delivery
13/9 37 Pro Per Bruheim & Turid Rustad: Alternative protein sources for food
20/9 38 Pro Magnus Philipp: From Sars-CoV-2 antigen tests based on fungi to spore surface display of load bearing proteins – new ideas in biotechnology
27/9 39 Pro Astrid Bjørkøy, Dep. Phys. NTNU: Imaging /microscopy at NV faculty – Center for Advanced Microscopy (CAM)
4/10 40 PhD Davide Luciano: Molecular simulations in the study of xanthan-gum glycosyl-transferases
11/10 41 ---- Høstferie
18/10 42 Pro Francesca Bartolomeo, SINTEF Industry Dep. Biotechnol. Nanomed.: - title to be submitted later -
25/10 43 Pro Angelos Xomalis, Dep. electronic syst. NTNU: Sensing single molecules by confining light to the atom scale
1/11 44 Pro Daniela Sueldo - title to be submitted later -
8/11 45 PhD Jelena Stupar: Mechanism and influence of lactic acid bacteria on the safety and quality of fresh salmon
15/11 46 Pro Rahmi Lale: Leveraging AI for synthetic biology applications: from DNA context to computational code
22/11 47 PhD Sophie Kendler: European Plaice: Underlining its nutritional potential and utilization
29/11 48 PostPhD Ingvild Haug, Equinor: - title to be submitted later -
6/12 49   Department seminar at Scandic Nidelven
13/12 50   Paper of the Year (5 Minute present, 1 question, afterwards get together with open discussion)
20/12 51    

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