Work for your partner during your sabbatical

Are you headed out on sabbatical with a spouse or partner who wants to work or to study while your family is on leave? You'll find information here to help you plan, along with useful links.

Norsk versjon - Ektefelles eller partners karriere under utenlandsopphold

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Is your partner/spouse a researcher?

If your partner/spouse is also a researcher, you should consider contacting relevant university or institutional departments to indicate interest in working with them during your stay abroad. The following listings may also be of help in finding employment:

Stipends and financing

See the article on research funding for possible stipends and financing.

Other positions

It might be possible for the research institution in the country where you will work to offer your partner/spouse an administrative position. You could also send an open application and make contact with the relevant academic departments.


  • Euraxess Job Portal
  • Euraxess services network can put your spouse/partner in contact with different helpful services in the country that you are moving to.
  • Eures is a clearing house for job vacancies in Europe and to some extent in the rest of the world. Advisers offer guidance as needed during the application process.

Outside of Europe

Depending on your nationality, you will need a work permit to work outside of Europe. Contact the relevant embassy for the country you are interested in for more information.

Volunteer work

Relevant databases for volunteer positions abroad:

Study abroad

Check out the opportunities to pursue higher education abroad.

The Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund can offer support for Norwegians and non-Norwegians with Norwegian residency permits to study abroad.

Home with the kids

Partners who choose to stay at home with their children during sabbatical leave, also have childcare benefits and benefits under Norwegian law (in Norwegian).

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