Travel for temporary employees

Travel guidelines for contract-based and temporary employees.

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Contract workers

NTNU usually arranges travel and accommodations for employees on contract who must travel for work. This may involve planes, trains, taxis, hotels and guest houses and more. The employee may book his or her own travel by agreement through Berg-Hansen travel bureau, but must make sure that NTNU is listed as responsible for the expenses so that the university is billed. The travel expenses account must also specify that the university paid for specific travel expenses.

Temporary employees

Temporary employees can get Credit cards through NTNU if their employment or the trip is of sufficient duration. If you get a credit card, you must first pay all travel expenses yourself. Your outlays will be refunded when you submit a travel expenses account after your journey. Alternatively, you can follow the procedure described above for contract employees.

If you pay taxes outside of Norway, you will be required to include salary documentation and NTNU contact information to verify employment status with your credit card application.


Travel contacts

Berg-Hansens webgate | | Phone: 08050 or +47 22 00 80 50 from abroad | Open from 08.00 -17.00. This lead to additional costs.

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