The HSE section

The HSE section is responsible for NTNU’s HSE system. Occupational Health Services at NTNU is a part of the HR and HSE division. The HSE section gives advice and aid to leaders, employees, the work environment committee and safety representatives in preventative work with health, environment and safety, and help creating and healthy and safe work environment.

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The HSE system

The HSE section administrates and develops

Meeting arenas

Occupational Health Services

Occupational Health Services can offer help in the following areas:

  • Medicinal treatment
  • Ergonomics
  • Organisational and psychosocial work environment
  • Systematic HSE work
  • Occupational hygiene


The HSE section offers courses on a variety topics. See skill development at NTNU. The HSE ion can also develop courses based on the specific needs of individual units.

The HSE section collaborates with

  • Internal units at NTNU
  • The Student Welfare Organisation in Trondheim (SiT)
  • Occupational medicine division at St. Olavs Hospital
  • The National Institute of Occupational Health(STAMI)
  • The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV)
  • The Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority

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NTNU regulations

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