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Kommunikasjonsteknologi (MTKOM, 5-årig)

Digital Infrastructure and Cyber Security (MSTCNNS, 2 years)

Former Communication Technology

Security and Cloud Computing (MSSECCLO, 2 years)

Student Organizations

  • Abakus - Linjeforening (Trondheim)
  • Login - Linjeforening (Gjøvik)
  • Online - Linjeforening (Trondheim)
  • Itemize NTNU - Interesseorganisasjon for informasjonssikkerhet og CTF-lag

Master's thesis



Overview of Study Programmes

Programme of study Degree Years Campus Study Program Leader
Communication Technology and Digital Security (MTKOM) Master / sivilingeniør 5 Trondheim Anamaria Costache
Digital Infrastructure and Cyber Security (BDIGSEC) Bachelor 3 Gjøvik Erik Hjelmås
Digital Infrastructure and Cyber Security (MSTCNNS) Master 2 Trondheim Yuming Jiang
Information Security (MIS, MIS-D) Master 2 Gjøvik Sule Yildirim Yayilgan
Information Security, experience-based (MISEB) Master 1,5 Gjøvik Erjon Zoto
Security and Cloud Computing (MSSECCLO) Master / Erasmus Mundus 2 Trondheim Danilo Gligoroski
Industriell innovasjon og digital sikkerhet (MIIDS) Master 2 Gjøvik

Harald Øverby (deputy)

There is also a council at the IE Faculty, called Studieprogramrådet, that consists of student representatives (institutt-tillitsvalgt, ITV) and the study programme leaders. 


Overview of Cohorts

A cohort coordinator is an extra point of communication for an entire cohort of students, across courses, focusing on students' experience of their learning environment, working closely together with the student class contacts (KTV), study councellors and administrative staff.

Program Cohort Coordinator Focus Courses KTV Study Program Leader
MTKOM 1 Frank Alexander Kraemer TTM4175 TTM4200 Håkon Grue Anamaria Costache
2 Katrien de Moor TTM4165 TTM4180 Henriette Bjørheim
3 Poul Heegaard TTM4110   Emilie Rieber
4 Thomas Zinner TTM4150   Marie Øseth
5 Bjarne Helvik TTM4905   Tilde Thorvik
MSTCNNS 1 Besmir Tola     Sebastian Grøsvik Yuming Jiang
2 Besmir Tola     Branislav Petrovic
MSSECCLO 2* Danilo Gligoroski       Danilo Gligoroski
MIS 1 Patrick Bours     Malene Vassenden Sule Yildirim Yayilgan
2 Erjon Zoto     Simen Ramberg
MISEB 1 Lasse Øverlier       Erjon Zoto
2 Geir Olav Dyrkolbotn      
3 Katrin Franke      
BDIGSEC 1 Erik Hjelmås       Erik Hjelmås
2 Ernst Gunnar Gran      
3 Jia-Chun Lin       
MIIDS 1         Harald Øverby (deputy)


Class Mentor Program 

For the students of the MTKOM and BDIGSEC (Gjøvik) programs, IIK offers a mentorship program. Students of MSTCNNS (year 1) are covered by the MTKOM program.

Class mentors offer 3 hours of drop-in help for any course or question for a specific study year. Have a look at the table below for the time for each program and study year. Some mentors are available in a specific room and/or digitally via a specific channel on this Teams. There you can also ask questions.

Example 1: If you are an MTKOM student in your first year, your class mentors are Eva, Nina, Emil and Aksel. They are avaiable Thursdays between 14:00-17:00. Chat with them on the respective channel on Teams, or visit them in the room shown in the table (if any).

Example 2: If you are an MSTCNNS student in your first year, you can join the offer for MTKOM year 3. That means, Andreas, Edward and Kristian are your mentors.

Many thanks to the many mentors that provide their help!

Program Year Time Room Mentor Email
MTKOM 1 Thursdays 14:00-17:00 Mojave A276 Eva Vartdal Kvalø
Nina Torvund
Emil Bragstad
Aksel Katralen
2 Mondays 14:00-16:00,
Tuesdays 12:00-13:00
Mojave A276 Vilja Steffensen
Johanne Dybevik
3 Fridays 12:00-15:00 Mojave A276 Andreas Johan Nyland
Edward Palm
Kristian Hansen
4 Mondays 08:00-10:00,
Tuesdays 08:00-09:00
Mojave A276 Knut Formo Buene
Silje Berg
BDIGSEC 1 Thursdays 11:00-14:00 K205B Kråkereiret Ole Morud
Lars Martin Nygaard
Espen-Andreas Oseth
2 Mondays 10:00-13:00 K205B Kråkereiret Anett Voldheim Øverstad
Sander Langfeldt Wessel
Julie Stade Stålevik
Herman Lindskog
Oda Løken


Student contacts 

Student contacts (studentkontakt) are students hired by the Department to arrange and engage the students in various social activities. The student contact may often also have the role as KTV, but not always. See the overview of the current student contacts and all other Student Representatives.


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