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Start-up program for women

Start-up program is to help to increase the proportion of women in male-dominated subject areas.

Norsk versjon: Startpakke for kvinner

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What is the "Start-up program"?

  • The Start-up program is for women in permanent scientific positions within male-dominated subject areas
  • The Start-up program is limited to institutes where the proportion of women among permanent scientific staff is less than 25%. Applications may be made for operating- and equipment funds and wage funds for research assistance. The maximum amount is NOK 300 000. It is expected that the department contributes with self-financing corresponding to 30% of the total budget.
  • Allocated funds shall be used within two years. Funds that have not been used (accounted for) before the end of the project period will be withdrawn unless an extension has been applied for due to special reasons and this has been approved by the committee’s secretariat.

Who can apply?

Newly employed women in permanent scientific positions at institutes with a proportion of women below 25 per cent (in corresponding positions).

How to apply

  • The application must be justified
  • If the faculty applies for starter packages for more women, the applications must be given priority.


  • When awarded a startpakke, you may be asked for feedback (for example, after 2 years) about how the scheme has worked.
  • The feedback is to bes sent to the committee`s secretariat: Janet Rautio Øverland, Gender Equality and Diversity Adviser, HR and HSE Division

Sending the application

You send the application to the head of department (instituttleder) who again send it to the faculty who will make the decision.

The application is sent through ePhorte.


You can apply for a start-up package at the same time as NTNU’s other gender equality measures. There will me an announcement in the channel ‘all employees’ on Innsida.

Announcement texts

The department manager is encouraged to use NTNU’s gender equality measures – for example start-up packages and mentoring programs – in the call text for scientific positions.


Senior advisor gender equality and diversity Janet Rautio Øverland, HR- og HMS-avdelingen.