Sharing internet through a mobile device

Sharing internet through a smartphone

In situations where your Wi-Fi is unstable or disconnects, or you wish to use your computer online in an area without Wi-Fi, you may wish to use a personal hotspot.

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a simulated Wi-Fi network that your phone creates using mobile data. This hotspot may then be accessed by your computer in the event that your regular Wi-Fi disconnects. A Wi-Fi hotspot will appear as a regular Wi-Fi network on your computer when you connect, only that your phone operates as the router. We recommend only using hotspots for short amounts of time as it drains your available data from your mobile provider. You are personally responsible for the usage of your mobile data. Some devices may hold the option to share internet through Wi-Fi instead of mobile data however.

There are a few different ways to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot, and this page will cover iPhone/iPad and Android mobile devices.

Hotspot through iPhone/iPad

  1. To set up a hotspot, you must first open the settings app on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. Go to Personal Hotspot to access the Wi-Fi hotspot mode.
    Screenshot: settings

  3. If you are unable to find the Personal Hotspot button through the settings menu, you may also find it in the Cellular menu.
    Screenshot: Personal hotspot button

  4. Make note of the Wi-Fi password and turn on your personal hotspot. The password is needed to connect to your computer. Press the button next to Personal Hotspot to turn it on.
    Screenshot: Hotspot activated

  5. Now your personal hotspot should appear on your computer. Look for a Wi-Fi network with the name of your iOS device, such as “Tom’s iPhone”, on your computer and enter the password.

Hotspot with Android

Android devices vary greatly in setup from device to device. A Samsung will not necessarily have the same settings menu as a Xiaomi. Therefore the general advice to find your hotspot setting is to enter the settings app and search for Tether.

Screenshot: Portable hotspot
  1. Once you have accessed the hotspots settings, we recommend that you take a minute to set it up if you have the option.
    Screenshot: success

  2. Options for Wi-Fi hotspots regularly include SSID, Password, and Security options.
    Screenshot: SSID settings

    The SSID is the name that will appear when you try to connect to the hotspot on your computer. We therefore recommend naming it something recognizable. It is also advised to have a WPA2 or similar Wi-Fi security, and setting a secure password for your network.

  3. You should now be ready to activate your Wi-Fi hotspot and find it on your computer next to your other Wi-Fi connections. The password will then be the one you set yourself.
    Screenshot: active


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