Quality assurance of examination question papers

Errors in examination question papers can at worst mean that the examination has to be held again, causing extra work and delays for both employees and students. Consequently, NTNU has procedures to be followed before submitting the question papers to the Examinations Office. På norsk: Kvalitetssikre eksamensoppgaver.

Checklist for course coordinators

  • All question papers must use the standard front cover. The front cover templates can be found under the tab "Examination/assessment" on the support page for course coordinators.
  • Both the question paper and the assessment guidelines have to be discussed and quality assured by another professional within the subject area. This has to be documented by signing the question paper or by e-mail to the faculty contact person.
  • For safety reasons, examination question papers must not be sent by e-mail, but submitted to the department in a safe manner.

See also: Examination support for course coordinators

Checklist for the department

  • Each department has a person responsible for submitting the examination question papers to the right place within the deadline. When changing the contact person: Send name, phone number and e-mail address to
  • The contact person has to sign in the dedicated signature field on the examination question paper, thus attesting that the question paper is submitted according to the information on the front cover.
  • All examination question papers must have print on both sides. This regulation is in place to save paper and money, but also to reduce the possibility of copy errors.
  • The deadline for submission to the Examinations Office is five workdays before the examination. Map and contact information.

Checklist for an error-free examination question paper

An error-free examination question paper is:

and has a front cover that is correct on the following points:

  • course code and name
  • name and phone number to the academic contact person during the examination
  • date, year and semester
  • duration of examination
  • examination support material code / approved examination support material
  • form of Norwegian and language
  • number of pages with and without appendixes


  • The Head of Department is responsible for submitting the examination question papers according to the procedures.
  • The faculties are responsible for making sure the departments have procedures for quality assurance of the contents in the examination question papers.

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