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NB! Padlet will be phased out in autumn 2022
After assessing privacy concerns / GDPR in Padlet, NTNU has come to the conclusion that we must stop using Padlet in teaching. NTNU's Padlet account will be closed when the agreement expires at the turn of the year, 1 January 2023. NTNU is working to provide an alternative to Padlet.
More information about the phasing out of Padlet by clicking on this link!

What is Padlet?

Padlet (cloud service) is an online interactive board where teachers and students can collaborate in real-time and create, discuss and organize content. Padlet has many possible applications, for example as a tool for online collaborative writing and brainstorming, portfolio creation, group work, or as a digital learning resource.

Padlet is accessed through your browser, on desktop and on devices. A padlet can be shared publicly, and contributors do not need to log in to participate.

Example screen from padlet

How NTNUers do it

Klaartje De Weerdt, Department of Structural Engineering, used Padlet for the first time in autumn 2020. In TKT4240, a large course with approx.250 students Klaartje has used Padlet as a place to collect questions from students. In previous years, she used to have an open question and answer session where students could raise their hand to ask questions. As a digital alternative, she set up a Zoom meeting with Padlet in 2020. On the Padlet, her students could ask questions in advance. The questions were then answered orally in a live Zoom meeting. This set up was very well received with 90% of the students who participated finding this way of running the session helpful.

the Padlet Klaartje used in her class


  1. Gå til and select "Log in"
  2. Select "Log in with Microsoft"
  3. Enter your NTNU email address
  4. Log in with your NTNU user account

Do you already have a Padlet account, and want to reuse it with the NTNU license?

This isn't possible, unfortunately, but you can copy contents from your other account to the new one.

NB! If you have problems getting the right account with Padlet, you can upgrade to Padlet Pro from *here*.

Help and support

NTNU does not offer support on Padlet, but there is an online knowledge base.

License information

Site license: Cloud Service.

Used primarily by teachers at NTNU.

Note that the program can only be used for academic work and not for commercial work.

Data Processing Agreement

Mentimeter is a collaboration service that requires a data processing agreement.

Status: Signed.

Supplier information

Manufacturer: See more about Padlet at Padlet Inc.

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