Outlook on Mac

This page contains instructions on how employees can access their NTNU e-mail using Outlook on a Mac.

Note: The transfer of e-mail and calendar for all NTNU's employees to Office 365 will start in November. The transfer will be made in batches and will be in progress for several weeks. During the transition period, you will possibly experience incorrectness in content about e-mail on Innsida. The pages will be continuously adapted to a new solution.

If your e-mail account is transferred to O365/cloud, please follow the steps in Add your Office 365 account to Outlook.

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Adding an e-mail account in Outlook

Step 1:

Start Outlook. Go to Tools in the top menu, and then Accounts.

Click on the plus sign and choose "New account"

Step 2: 

In the window that opens, fill out your NTNU email address and click continue

Step 3:

Fill out the information as shown, with your email address under "Email address" and replace "yourusername" with your NTNU username

Step 4:

When you're done configuring your email, a window summarizing your email account will appear. It should look like the image below.


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