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The following guidelines for production and ordering for NTNU. The University Library (UB) is responsible for the production of the compendiums. Compendiums are only offered in digital format. Ordering before the specified deadlines provides guaranteed delivery before the start of the semester.

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Universal Design 

From the fall semester of 2021, compendiums produced by NTNU University Library will be universally designed. This means that the excerpts will be tagged and OCR-processed (scanned copies will be converted into searchable text). The goal is to achieve the green score level in Blackboard Ally. Blackboard Ally is a tool that checks whether the subject material is universally designed and enables students to access the content in alternative formats, such as audio. 

Make sure the quality of your copies is good. Send as neat copies as possible and avoid handwritten comments and underlining.

The compendiums will be delivered as a folder with a table of contents and each text as a separate file. It is important that the compendium files are uploaded into Blackboard for the students to have the opportunity to access alternative formats via Ally. 

Ordering your compendium

Order your compendium from NTNU University Library:

Required information when ordering compendia

  • Name of course teacher, contact information, institute/department.
  • Name and contact information of the person making the order (if other than course teacher).
  • Course code and course name.
  • Course academic term and year.
  • Number of students taking the course.
  • The publications the excerpts are taken from must be supplied, in original or high quality copy. Exceptions can be made if the material has been used in previous compendia and NTNU University Library already has the files.
  • Please specify any material which the course teacher holds the rights to distribute.
  • Table of contents as a Word file.
  • Accurate citations for the excerpts.
  • If the order is a modification of a previous compendium: which modifications have been made - which articles/excerpts are going out and which are going in.


  • Deadline for guaranteed delivery by the start of the academic term is 1 May for the Fall term and 1 November for the Spring term.
  • Compendia ordered after the guaranteed deadline will be produced in the order received.
  • NTNU University Library will do their utmost to ensure a speedy production of the compendium.


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